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DSCN3217I used to collect pictures of flowers and bouquets people gave me so I could have them on my ring of goodness and take them to medical appointments.  The pictures helped me make it through the ugliness.

Now, I collect pictures of the flowers and bouquets people give me, so that I can look at them over and over and smile and smile and smile.  This week brought some beautiful bouquets to brighten my world and help me celebrate all the good in my life. DSCN3240DSCN3235

Today, I woke up grumpy and growly.   I usually start my day with giving the Sweet Dog two little bits of dog cookie left on my nightstand by Mr. Right.  Then I stretch and pray and do 22 minutes of yoga and then feed the Sweet dog breakfast.  Then I bike and text.  (yes, biking and texting is okay if the bike is stationary).  Then I drink fresh made juice and take vitamins and eat a hearty breakfast.  Then I feed the chickens and give them fresh water……………………………..then, I have my cup of coffee.

Today, I started with the coffee.  Needed to switch things up a bit.

I called a business on the East coast to do, well a little business.  She was sharing some of that Southern Charm and kindness.  She was so nice, I had to smile.

Mr. Right left me a super silly limerick that he composed.  Made me giggle and laugh and smile.

I got some super hap, hap, happy cheerful news about a friend.  Again, with the smiling.

Took some pictures of two little Matryoshka dolls I made.  DSCN3250I think two little Southern Belles NEED Valentine dolls!  Been smiling since I cut out the fabric and stuffed their bellies with home-grown, dried lavender.

The fog is so thick and soupy this morning, it is like a Halloween slasher movie.  So spooky, it looks rather mysterious.   Again, smiling.

I think the universe had it in for me from the beginning.  There was no getting around being happy on this Friday morning.

Here’s to a Friday filled with sassiness, happy, more sewing and freshly painted Red, sparkly toenails.


Before I go any further, I choose happy. happy 2


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