grateful for passion

One of the lovely things about wellness …… friends are more than willing to help.  By making & sharing beautiful hand-made cards and sending them with beautiful pearlized envelopes, my friend is reaching out and sharing her art and passion.  It spills over to the one, me,  who is seeking wellness.  The passion creeps through the pixels of the breathtaking photographs.  The passion spills off the creative card made with skill and delight.  The creator of the cards was obviously happy and passionate about making the cards to begin with.  Then when I received them, I was giddy with pure goodness.  The next step comes when I chose one to mail to another friend.  I am happy to pass one on and at the other end of the postal experience, someone is happy to open the envelope and discover a little piece of art.  Their very own sliver of art to hold on to and cherish.  It is a rather lovely circle of wellness hidden in the form of sharing and creating and good.  Somehow passion heals many.

Claude Roy 2A gem of a friend, gave me homework.  She knows I study an hour a day.  Most likely, the topic of health and wellness and nutrition and healing and balance and natural methods are highlighted.  To help keep my balance, I am gently reminded to look outside of my circle and tap into beauty.  Pure created beauty through the eyes of a remarkable artist living among us today.  We all can be lifted to a higher place, simply by immersing ourselves in color and passion.  No matter the web site you seek out to learn more about this artist, you feel the passion, the skill, the creativity deeply imbedded in his oils.  Somehow his palette knife twists and turns and swirls to bring to life, depictions of everyday life.  Yet, in those pieces of everyday life, you have a funny feeling you are in the middle of pure genius.

Claude RoyYour heart and soul will be elevated (as mine was)  just by spending your lunch hour, learning about and falling deep into the depths of his color choices.

Jean-Claude Roy, born in France and now divides his time between France and Newfoundland.

He paints almost exclusively on site.  He paints every single day.  Jean-Claude Roy is a self-described expressionist colourist.   How he works is unique and then maybe not so unique.  I think many of us, think through a quilt or a drawing or put together a floral arrangement, long before we begin.  Then once we begin, it is a matter of putting the right things in the right place.  We already visualize the end result.  We have already experienced what we wish the finished masterpiece to look like.

He paints every day, and often finds himself in the evening re-living a drive through the countryside, choosing a spot for the next day.  By the time he arrives to do the painting, he says, most of the work of composition and colour has already been done and there remains the relatively quick job of putting the paint on canvas.Claude Roy 3

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.  Friedrich Nietzche

4 thoughts on “grateful for passion

  1. I am thrilled that you found joy in this artist. I visit his paintings every time I visit that gallery in St. Augustine. I usually stand for a long time, bathing in the loveliness of the feelings that float out toward me. Some are happy, and some are electric, like a storm. Love, Ms. Florida

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I adored my homework.
      Gabe used his lunch hour to study and learn about our “featured” artist.
      Our niece in Montreal has a summer home in Newfoundland. She is an artist and was thrilled to learn about him as well.
      You touched three lives for sure yesterday. You are one sassy chick!

  2. Daleen, this is a beautiful post. The cards you have sent me have cheered me many times over. And the beautiful artwork you show above is awesome when the scenery here is still so wintry!
    Thank you! xo Joanne

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