I was sitting crossed legged, on the floor nestled upon a very unique, wall to wall, orange shag carpet. I was as close as I could get to an 8″ screen black and white tv.  I was “taking a class”.  Every Saturday morning for 6 weeks, Georgia Bonesteel had a morning show for 30 minutes.  Learn how to quilt.  It was the  80’s and we were living in an apartment (with unique, orange, shag, carpeting)  in North Carolina with a few month old little baby.  Mr. Right took care of all the baby’s needs during every “class”.  I took notes, I was smiling.  I was actually learning to quilt.  I made a little vest for our little boy.  I was so dang proud of that completed vest.  I saved it until a couple of years ago.  I put it, along with other childhood treasures, into a wonderful, hand-made, cedar keepsake chest and passed it back to said little boy.  I am pretty sure,  he would not want to wear the adorable little vest with star-shaped buttons to the work place today.

DSCN3402A few years later, I remember attending a quilt show and actually getting to met Georgia Bonesteel.  I was so nervous and anxious, I was shaking.  It was a pleasure to meet and thank someone who taught me a skill.  Little did I know that 30 years later, it would be a huge part of who I am.

As I have done for many years, I join a Block of the Month (BOM) club with quilting.  This year, I decided to stretch beyond my comfort zone and try a little twist.  I joined a “mystery” BOM on-line.  You follow along with other quilters, see their completed blocks, read questions and gather and offer encouragement.  It feels good to belong to a club.  A group of people with a common interest.  Young or old, it doesn’t matter.  Skill level is up to the person, so no one feels undereducated.  So for the nextDSCN3407 11 months, I will sew a quilt block and won’t know the pattern until the first day of the new month.  I have chosen to use some fabrics I purchased at Keepsake Quilting,  New Hampshire.  My souvenir fabrics happen to be different patterns and shades of gray.   Oh and a lovely sprinkling of yellow, butter cream, warm, deep, luscious saturated color.   The BOM is from “the voice of Quilting” Pat Sloan.  www.FreeQuiltPatterns.Info

I sewed that first vest, along with a girlfriend’s wedding dress and numerous other projects at my sewing machine, perched on the kitchen table.  A bit wobbly once I got that baby (the sewing machine, not the actually little baby boy) humming.  Today, I am privileged/lucky/grateful for an entire room dedicated to sewing and stitichin’ and creating.  I have a wonderful sewing machine set upon a table designed to handle the power of the machine.   AND My sewing room does NOT have one speck of orange, shag carpeting.  Yippy!

Each month there will be a fresh new block.  At the end of the year, I will piece them together to DSCN3413fashion a quilt.  I will use my blog to keep myself accountable and up to date on the blocks.  Sure it is only one block.  However, in years past, I can vividly recall quickly sewing two or three in one month to “catch up”.  geesh.

This years theme is “Globetrotting”.  January (the large center block) is called Washington, D.C.DSCN3415  DSCN3423This month February, the block is called Venice, Italy.

I will share pictures and a bit of information about each block.   If you have any questions I will gladly answer.  If you want to join in and create something wonderful together, please jump in.

The act of sewing, quilting and stitching bathes me in a Grace of goodness.  Creative, uplifting and the simple act of stitching helps to heal the spirit. DSCN3426

That’s it, quilting lifts my spirits.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”. D. Uchtdorf

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