be a good egg

flowersIn the grocery isle, while looking at the choices of non-fluoride toothpaste, we have no clue that the person next to us is worried about their son in an Army hospital.   While choosing the perfect oranges for the week, the person next to us is silent, yet their mind is racing, fretting about the health of their pet.  Medical tests will come back in the form of phone calls, lives will be changed in the blink of an eye.  Horrid information will be shared over cell phones, sad depressing information about denial of benefits that are legitimately needed, will be shared,  each mini drama acted out, while we carry on our lives and drop off the bank deposit and pick up the dry cleaning.   All while quite possibly standing next to a stranger.

We need to be kind to one another.  Today, I went on the  She helps to gently remind me to be kind.  So we walk through life, standing right next to each other with no idea and yet with all the humanity required.

Sometimes the people you are standing next to in the cereal isle are celebrating.  Quietly.  They have driven to the store, for the first time by themselves after a long illness.  Some people may look genuinely delighted at picking up paper towels.  They did their bike riding for the day, have the strength and ability to make the bed and they vacuumed and they still have enough energy to go buy paper towels.  Not a huge benchmark of strength.  Just quietly, celebrating little steps of health and wellness.  Yes, it may take some folks 30 minutes to make the bed.  News flash, they are doing it & they are celebrating.  Yes siree.  Pure goodness in the form of smoothed out bed wrinkles.bouquet

I, for one am grateful, bemused & thankful for my friends (let’s call them lovely, sparkly angels).  Almost daily, they send emails checking on me and my health progress.  They call to check in and I get to hear their laugh.  They stop by and remind me that I am of value and I have something to offer.   I am dumbfounded sometimes by their kindness.  They ask how I am doing and actually wait for the answer.  No, not that “how are you”, “fine” exchange.  A real true conversation.  Sometimes, I have this overwhelming need to tell the person next to me in the produce department, that I am one lucky girl.  I have friends who care about me.  I have a Mr. Right who is remarkably understanding.  (He has never once asked why I buy perfectly good material, bring it home, cut it up and sew it back together again.  See remarkable!)

I am working towards being healthy enough to take better care of Mr. Right and my friends.  I want to be so strong, balanced and vital that I can check in on oodles of my friends and help them on their journey.  For now, I do little things.  I try and remember their important dates in their lives.  I pray for them daily. I try and share belly laughs as often as possible.

The journey is not smooth.  I try and remember to be kind to every person I encounter.  I try and be polite and considerate.  I try not to be a toad.   No, I am not the über kind person in the Mother Teresa way………….she saw Jesus in each and every person…………… Okay, I know all the paperwork and whatnot is not all in, but let’s agree, that woman is a Saint.  I just try my best to be a good egg. fresh eggs (a freshly gathered, colorful, beautiful, organic egg)

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place. -Kurt Vonnegut

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