spray my fanny

orange peel cleanerA Good Sweet smellin’ Monday Morning to y’all!   Just sharing a little housekeeping this morning.  Update on the homemade Orange cleaner.


I made the mixture and then had to wait 30 days.  Insert a long rendition of the Jeopardy thinking music……………………….  Yesterday, I poured the elixir into a spray bottle, added some filtered water and got my cleaning groove on.  The scent of vanilla, cinnamon and stunning orange was intoxicating in a FRESH,  wonderful way.  I like that it smells heavenly.  I like that it is non toxic.  Here is the best part.  Two words.  IT WORKS!  Yep, go back and read that again.  IT WORKS!  Cuts the grime and the grease and the mess.  I used it in the kitchen sink, on the counters, the window sills, I used it on the door jamb to the chicken coop.  I used it on the inside lid of the washing machine.  yuck.  It worked like a charm.  Two thumbs up, 5 gold star good.

Sunday was a snow day here in the Pacific Northwest.  Beautiful, freshly fallen snow.  When outdoors it was so pristine and quiet.  Now, granted we only got 4 inches of the beautiful white stuff.  It was fun and silly and happy.  My brother-in-law, who lives in Vermont, spent his hard-earned money on a heavy-duty snow blower. (Since they count their amounts of snow in feet, I am not sure he thinks of it as beautiful and silly and fun.)   I had Mr. Right take my picture to show him the type of  $14.95 “snow blower” we use here! haha  DSCN3485

A friend who lives about 20 minutes away, said she would take her garbage can lid and sled on over to our house.  I love that mental picture.  She is a very tidy, proper lady.  So to imagine her flying down the road, gripping onto the garbage can lid, screaming WooHOO and smiling the entire way to our home, made me belly laugh.

Speaking of cleaning and belly laughing.   When the boys were little, wearing their play clothes,  almost daily, we would scamper off to the park.  I had a tote bag I took with me. I would sit on the bench and mend or cross stitch while they played and ran and laughed and worked off little boy energy.  So of course inside my bag were scissors, thread, fabric, a can of Pledge polishing spray, the stitching pattern, some band aids, and thimble.  Wait!  A can of Pledge????? 

Yes, a can of Pledge.  After roughly playing and climbing and screaming, using their outdoor voices, they would be out of breath and come running over to me.  They would turn around and bend over and say, “spray my fanny”.    I would of course oblige.  I would set down my stitching, get the can of Pledge out and generously spray their fannies.  They would scream THANKS as they high tailed it back to the play ground equipment.  Oh sure, we tried wax paper.  Yes, it worked pretty well.  However, once we figured out the magic combination, it was lightening fast and screaming fun.  Metal slide + Oklahoma sunshine + kid in play pants with their fannies sprayed with furniture polish = belly laughs galore.

Look at me figuring out different uses for hair dryers, furniture polish and left over orange peels.  I told you my mind swirled and twirled in constant motion.

Here’s to a Happy and Clean Monday full to the brim with belly laughs.  It’s good for the soul.




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