happy, grateful, thankful list

This morning, with a very sharp wind gusting, I worked picking up branches for 40 minutes.  I gulped in oodles of fresh, blustery air.  I know, later in the year,  I will whine and complain about the intense heat of the summer, however, I am wishing/needing/craving some warm, intense sunshine.  I am feeling a bit of cabin fever and trying to find the happy in being at home. Oh sure, each day I am home, working on healing and wellness will make the summer months that much sweeter.    Winter storms race across our beautiful country.  Many are snowed in.  Some temperatures so low in fact, that spending 40 minutes outdoors gulping in fresh air may be a bit much.  I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer.  I want to list the happy things I am grateful for.  I am borrowing the “happy list” idea from another blogger today.

1.  anticipating a big package soon to arrive in the mail

2.  jars of fresh green juice dailyDSCN2604

3.  my dog makes me very happy

4.  big huge balls of twine and string

5.  happy mail

6. ironing caught up

7. a very good murder mystery to read while biking (stationary bike, geesh)

8.  odometer on said stationary bike reads 912.5 miles!  The new knee is working well.

9.  a sweet email from a friend checking in with me

10.  freeze-dried strawberries left for me by Mr. Right this morningfreeze dried

11. collected egg number 99 today

12.  colorful streamers on my bike

13.  ordered two green tutus for Grandgirlies to celebrate St. Patty’s day

14.  thinking of calling a friend later today

15.  dishwasher working again

16.  conversation clay hearts hanging happilyDSCN3552

17.  fabric ready to make a few different baby bibs

18.  electric throw to snuggle under during the evening

19.  leopard print leggings to wear at home

20.  hearing the garage door opening each evening when Mr. Right comes home

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