celebrating 100

daffs 2I grew up living in a valley, located in Washington State.  The Puyallup Valley is known for its fertile soil that plays host to field after field after field of daffodils.  We have a Daffodil parade.  The 20 plus surrounding High Schools all sponsor a Scholarship pageant for a Daffodil Princess and ultimately a Daffodil Queen.  We have Daffodil sidewalk sales, marathons, hikes, wine walks, art shows and worthy daffodil volunteer/charitable projects too many to list.  You see sweatshirts, t-shirts, aprons all with daffodils on them.  People have fine jewelry made in the shape of daffodils.  Um, you get the picture.  We embrace the daffodil around these parts.  daffs 3

Mr. Right grew up living in Canada.  He grew up in a small village near the American border,  Stanstead, Quebec.   Okay, so now that you have your map spread out in your noggin, you know we grew up a country apart.  Sometimes it seems like a world apart.  The area he is from is best known for their granite quarries, maple syrup and winter.

Years ago, my mother and father in law gave us a set of family silverware.  Yes, we are the care takers.  We will someday pass it along to the younger family members.  When I first caught a glimpse of the pattern, imagine my inner smile when I spied with my little eye, a perfect daffodil fashioned upon each piece?  She also gave me a silver covered vegetable serving dish.  The pattern once again, stunning daffodils.  Yes, I have used the covered dish for many a formal meals, I find it much easier to utilize it more often for special occasions..

When Mr. Right retired from the US Army, when the boys graduated, I displayed congratulations cards in the family heirloom.  When our grandchildren were born, pink wrapped chocolate candy kisses filled the  beautiful silver dish, befitting & celebrating two very lovely grandgirlies.   I have used it to display sand from the Beaches of Normandy.  I have used it to display sand from the beach where son number two proposed to his beautiful bride to be.  For our 25th wedding anniversary, of course we used it to displayed cards, pictures and trinkets in the well polished piece, to help us celebrate.

DSCN3575Early this morning, I donned my yellow work gloves and got out the silver polish.

Today, I collected egg number 100.  I am very grateful and thankful and did a little jig.  Of course, I knew eggactly what dish I would use to snap the picture.


10 thoughts on “celebrating 100

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL dish and that special egg is perfect to go along inside of it.
    This picture is a keeper!
    Here’s to the day when I see daffodils coming up in my yard. I tell you, it can’t be too soon!!
    xo Joanne

  2. What a fun idea! I love that you use the piece and don’t let it just sit in a cupboard.
    PS: I’ve never seen the daffodil festival, but have enjoyed the tulip festival several years in Mount Vernon. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful area!

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