Feed Sack Tote Bag

The old-fashioned term………….. Waste not, want not.

The new modern term…….up cycle.

DSCN3623Today, after fluffing and puffing the chicken coop, adding a fresh hanging cabbage and some jaunty St. Patty’s Day decor, I made something useful.  I took the empty feed sack into my sewing room and made a Fresh new grocery bag with handles.   Each daughter in law will get a bag full of gifts for their birthday!  I made the bag today out of empty chicken feed sack.  They hold 25 pounds of feed, so I am guessing they will hold lots of birthday loot and then can be used for groceries.  If they go to the grocery store and say, buy a chicken and some eggs, using this bag will certainly be funny.  DSCN3643

The project was quick, easy and the finished product is pretty sassy.

I love sewing useful and sassy things.  This bag qualifies as both.  Yippy!DSCN3640

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