zesty role models

On the path less travelled, the journey of wellness and health, I am seeking out zesty role models.

nancy devilleI have chosen several.   I have quilting role models and wife role models.  I have mom role models and women who are amazing in their chosen fields.

I have ZESTY role models who by some way or another, encourage me to bike farther, jump longer and stretch further during yoga time.susan powter

When I think of healthy bodies and ease of movement and long, “dancer”  muscles, I have some role models that are near my age and several that are 60+ years old.

They inspire me.  They give me hope.  Honest to goodness hope.

I love that they are SMART women.  They work their brain muscles every single day.  Smart is so sexy and desirable.  I am always impressed and striving for smart.

I LOVE that all of the women I look to, are strong.  They work out daily.  They stretch those long lean muscles.  They keep moving.  (In my fake world of knowing them) I would never see them slouched over a grocery cart, shuffling along.  I never imagine them eating from a carton of dairy ice cream with a metal spoon, sitting on the sofa. I always, always imagine them walking briskly on the beach, or jump roping with their grandkids or giggling while bouncing on a rebounder. jamie curtissharon stone

They are vibrant and have great posture.  They engage their minds and their bodies.  They choose mostly natural.  They value what they have and share it with others.

We all need role models.  Even if we take bits and pieces of the good (or the good we see) from this sassy gal or that one.

Please tell me about yours.  I would love to expand my world.

ps.  yes, there are some fine women out there who are wise and smart and not fit.  I still love them too.  Yes, some of my role models have dyed hair and eat meat and promote products I do not use.  I just love these gals for their ZEST for life and how they fit stretching and exercise and breathing and fresh air into their lives.

4 thoughts on “zesty role models

  1. I view exercise as a necessity to take care of yourself. You bathe everyday, brush your hair, and brush your teeth multiple times a day; these are necessities. So I put exercise in that kind of light. It makes you feel good too! One of my role models is Dreya Weber of P90x fame.

  2. I would say Anne Lamott is my “writing” role model. It was she who first inspired me to write. I read her book “Bird by Bird” and I said- I can do it!
    I love that you use the word Zesty!
    xo Joanne

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