super girls will rock the world

When I was little, Scotty, the boy across the street,  had a Superman cape.  He wore that thing everywhere. It was just part of what he wore every day.  No matter if he was digging in the dirt or building or riding something, he had the cape on.  I always saw him jumping from a retaining wall and the cape would flap behind him.  No one every asked him if they could try it on.  It was his and that was that.  Fast forward 49 years, I saw him recently and by golly, no, he didn’t have the cape on.  He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and was grilling salmon. I was a bit disappointed when he turned around and I didn’t see it flapping behind him.  I bet his beautiful college aged daughters would not have appreciated the fashionable cape on their dad.

I have never once seen a girl with a super girl cape on.  Come to think of it, I never even asked my mother for a super cape.  I sort of can hear her now, “Young ladies don’t wear…….”

When our boys were little, one asked me to make him a magician cape.  Pretty cool.  He wore it a lot. I am guessing he loved it.

Life happened and we hit the jackpot.  We got TWO grandgirlies.  Sure, I want them to be polite young ladies with good Southern manners.  I want them to be sweet and kind.  I want them to be loving and nurturing…………….and I want them to be FIERCE and POWERFUL and STRONG and MIGHTY and BRAVE.

Sincere and Heartfelt thanks to Suzanne over at  Not only does she have a generous spirit and creative sass that she is so gracious to share with others, she does it with style.  Somehow, she lets you know how proud she is to be a mom and grandmother.  She holds her shoulders back and shares with the world that she has a wonderful family that she cherishes and sews for.  I love her spirit and her warm nature.  If you have time, stop by and see what she is up to.  Always something unique and fun over at her blog.

DSCN3703“Sew” today, I made one of A’s 2nd birthday gifts.  I also sewed a pink big sister cape. DSCN3711

Strong, Brave Grandgirlies will grow up Mighty and just may RULE the world!  Doing all I can to help the cause. DSCN3708


15 thoughts on “super girls will rock the world

  1. mylamuss

    Your grandgirlies are so very fortunate to have a grandma like you! Someone who looks out for their super powers!

  2. SilverLinings61

    If only you had a dollar for every time your heard, “Young ladies don’t…” LOL 🙂
    Your two super girls will love their capes…can’t wait for photos of them wearing them.

    1. Thank you. I did toss around the idea of making an adult size pattern. It would be fun.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I am sharing some delicious news with you………our son and daughter in law phoned about one hour ago…… we will be having ANOTHER GRANDBABY come October!!! I had to share the exciting news with someone! You are my lucky friend. Thanks for celebrating with me. 🙂

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