Peas on Earth

peas freshPart of my tag line, is “All while avoiding canned peas.”  I stand by that, I am not changing the words or the passion.

The famous FDA states that the average American adult consumes 140-200 pounds of sugar a year.  Dr. Oz guesstimates 150 pounds a year and yet another study I looked at sites 100 pounds of sugar a year per person.  No matter who you believe, that is A LOT of sugar.

Wait, oodles of my friends and family say, oh I don’t have a sweet tooth, I don’t eat sugar.  We don’t “do” sugar.  Really?

What on earth do canned peas and sugar have in common?  Hold onto your snazzy Easter bonnets…………………..

So where is everyone getting all the sugar from?  Sure the salad dressings some buy are filled with it, store bought peanut butter (I will wait while you go check the label), an occasional soda or a gluten-free bakery treat (usually gluten-free stuff is crammed with sugar) AND CANNED PEAS.

What was that?  Yes, you read it correctly.  The nasty tasting and weird colored canned pea just dropped another rung on my ladder of yucky stuff.  While “someone” in our family loves canned peas, I am still turning up my nose like a spoiled child not taught to embrace vegetables.  While standing in the grocery aisle waiting for “someone” to choose his “poison”, I flipped over the cans and read the label.  Peas, sugar, salt and water.  Peas, sugar, salt and water.  Peas, sugar, salt and water.  Um, excuse me?  The four brands I checked:  Libby, Delmonte, LeSuer and Green Giant.

Has our society sunk so low that we have to add sugar to get people to eat their peas?

Mr. Right bought a few bags of frozen peas.  Ingredients: peas  peas frozen

Life in our home is back on an even keel.  Actually a little happier.  He gets his peas and we ditched just a bit more sugar.

I am smiling politely, holding out for fresh peas come late Spring.

We are in this together.  Here’s to our health and wellness!

peas on earth


4 thoughts on “Peas on Earth

  1. SilverLinings61

    I love eating freshly picked peas! Frozen aren’t so bad………………..but canned???? BIGGEST YUCK EVER!!!!!
    Had to eat them as a kid; NEVER even bought one can for our kids – they just don’t know how lucky they are! 🙂

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