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DSCN3867I adore a blustery March day.  I love being out-of-doors and having the wind gust so madly that it temporarily takes my breath away.   I remember a few years back, sitting on a park bench on Bainbridge Island on March 12th.  The wind came up and it felt and looked like it was snowing.  The apple tree above us, let loose with millions and millions of blossoms.  We were covered in “snow”.  It was the perfect moment to be sitting on that bench.
Chicago the Windy City.  While we would all love to believe the savvy locals that the phrase was coined in the late 19th century and referred to what inveterate windbags the politicians are…. we know better.  The term Windy City was already being used in early 1876 with references to the city’s lake breezes.
Today, while the wind swirled outdoors, I was safely ensconced  in my sewing room making my Block of the Month for March.  Chicago.  First, I set the time for 30 minutes.  I did a quick clean up and vacuum of the room.  Replaced some type of wild “creativity” with calm and order.  Calm and order create a place for me to be creative.  I chose my fabrics.  All with movement and swirls to depict the winds of March.  I tried a brand new to me, Italian thread called Aurifil.  5 Gold stars, smooth, even, lovely application, well worth the money.  I put in a brand new needle.  I am a bit “carefree” when it comes to replacing needles.  I am trying to get better.  Using the 8 hour of sewing rule.  With a brand new needle, it makes it a pleasure to sew.
The block turned out well.  I love the colors.  Waiting to find out the next pattern, keeps me on pins and needles.  (sorry, I had to)  Seeing how the entire project is starting to take shape, makes me giddy and anxious for April’s block to be unveiled.  DSCN3847
I am so grateful & pleased that my brain is working smoother.  I am enjoying be back in my safe and charming sewing room.  Once again, when I sit down to my machine, I feel like I can do and create anything.  Instead of effort and a feeling of frustration, I feel calm and peaceful and deep down happy.  I was forced to take a few months off until things got straightened out.  I had to learn to wait and be patient.   Happy to report, today, I had to pin-up my joyful, tangled curly hair while I was busy creating this months block.  Once again, I found the wind in my sails.
“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” Dolly Parton

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  1. SilverLinings61

    Love this BOM!
    Just felt a gust of wind 🙂
    This quilt will be a beauty…SO happy that you are once again finding peace in creating.

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