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Remember taking your lunch to elementary school?  There was always a kid in class, I won’t name him….who had Ding Dong’s or Twinkies or other desirable store-bought dessert treats.  While my mother did make a very good Rice Krispy treat, they really weren’t trading material.  Pretty much everyone got rice krispie treats or homemade cookies in their lunch boxes. Most of the boys carried brown bags for their lunch, girls got to bring lunch boxes.  So great.   I remember having “The Partridge Family” lunch box one year.  Oh, and one year I had a black patent leather, Barbie lunch box.  Oh Lordy, I loved that “classy” looking lunch box.

I adore trading.  In adult language the word is barter.  I LOVE to barter.   I am genuinely thankful that I have found others to trade with.   I simply love it.  I love to trade an armful of fresh grown lavender for a  tussy mussy of fresh herbs. I love trading a big heavy sack of apples for 18 fresh eggs.   I get all giddy when I trade sewing pillows for amazing, hand crafted Veteran’s Day cards.  Last year, every single one of our 25 Thanksgiving cards, I traded for.  Each was hand crafted and so beautiful.  Each unique and so creative.  I was over the moon delighted to send them out.  I heard all sorts of nice compliments.   All I had to do was sew a pillow for her grandson.

The thing about bartering.  I try my very best to do an excellent job.  I do my very best work.  I really make an effort.  Then when it comes time for the big trade…………we both feel as though we got the better end of our bargain.  I love to sew and I have been sitting in front of a sewing machine since I was 12 years old.  So, some projects come together with ease.  Other folks are better at baking or making cards or growing herbs.    For me to hem a pair of pants and trade for a fresh loaf of baked bread?  That is heaven for me.  I simply adore the barter.

DSCN3910Yesterday, on a dreary, dark, pouring down rain day, I went into my sewing room to create and be surrounded with color.  Lots of saturated, glorious colorful threads and fabrics.  My mood is instantly lifted by color.   I sewed a little zip bag in stunning red and black.  The lining on this little gem has dog bones (the recipient of said bag is a huge dog lover) dancing across the threads.  DSCN3908I did my very best.  I am trading this bag for some beautiful hand crafted cards with a tree theme.  Of course you have to agree ahead of time, of the trade.  When it will be done.  How will you get it to the other person, etc.  However, I highly recommend the bartering system.  Each party feels like they made an excellent choice in deciding to trade with the other.  Instead of cash, the other person gets exactly what they want.  It is a beautiful process.  It makes you feel so good and proud to share part of your talent for someone else’s bounty.  Instead of being persnickety with how much each egg or piece of fabric costs to the penny, you get the privilege of trading your talent for theirs.  Each person has a talent that is worthy and of value.

By trading, you lift each other up and celebrate one another’s gifts. You each end up smiling and feel a deep down happy that someone was so delighted with your gifts that they were willing to share theirs.  You each took a chance.  You each put yourself out there on a limb and opened yourself up to judgment.  The beauty of the barter system is you make the choice to trade what is of value to you.  The two of you trade things that are of value thus making the process elevated to a higher level.  You both win.

I am always open to the idea of bartering.  Do you love to barter?  Have you ever tried it?  It will do your heart and soul some good.  It makes both people feel wonderful.  You say thank you and mean it.  Really, really mean it.  I promise, you will be so glad you tried it.  Trade ya? encourage

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  1. I love this idea – whoever got that zip pouch got a good thing. I love making these things, but hadn’t thought of doing the barter thing.

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