Honey Roasted Garlic

Tonight, Sunday dinner, was company worthy.  It was a basic Sunday dinner.  Yet, somehow a meal designed to start the week off on the right foot, easy and simple, turned into a sumptuous supper for two.  Because of the time change, we had an appetizer platter first to ease into a later than usual dinner.  Our meal was seafood stuffed Salmon with fingerling roasted garlic 2potatoes perched perfectly a top sparkling white plates.  Glasses full to the brim of fresh green juice accompanied the delicious food.   Between downpours, I went out and cut fresh chives.  The intense green only fresh chives can achieve.  I tossed a huge handful into the finished potatoes, along with sea salt and cracked pepper.  Then, just before placing the plates on the table, I added the crowning glory.

roasted garlicHoney Roasted Garlic. 

Oh sure, we have all roasted heads of garlic with olive oil, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper………...but have you added a spoon full of raw honey on top before you covered them and put them into a piping hot oven?   Oh, please do.  The taste is somewhere between rich, savory caramelized garlic with just a faint hint of sweet sass, and the melt in your mouth bite of the before baking, stinking rose flavor.  Oh, and the aroma that fills your home, is “come and get it” goodness.  Say Grace, the moment you sit down, because that heaven scent aroma is going to grab your attention and make you (impolitely) inhale deeply while waiting for the evening blessing to be completed.

We each dug into our heads of garlic similar to miners mining for nuggets of gold goodness. (without wearing headlamps, we used the light from candles and the overhead light fixture)  Pushing it into our potatoes and blending the flavors and taking that first slow bite was one of those “close your eyes” savor the moment good bites.  You know what I am talking about.

Ah, the moment any recipe calls for garlic, my mouth starts watering.roasted garlic 3 By adding a little crown of goodness to each plate, I elevated the meal to a decadent level.  The crown a top a Sunday meal fit for royalty.    They kind of supper, that makes you finish and then sit and linger and talk and laugh and savor the meal long after you have become a member of the clean plate club.

We are both grateful & thankful to begin our week with a meal fit for company.  Just so happens, we were the guests of honor.

32Just think of all the glorious possible things that could happen in the next seven days?  Oh, I don’t know, like celebrating being married 32 years?  Now there is something to celebrate.  Here’s to the week ahead!

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