here birdie, birdie

What was that?  CRASH.  It was the adorable bird feeder we have been watching all winter.  dang it.  It was a tough one to fill and hang properly, so maybe it was meant to be.   Even though we are not retired senior citizens living in a nursing home, we love to feed and watch the birds.  Somehow, it seems like an “old person” hobby.

Right after I found out I was sick, a friend gave me a huge Bird Guide.  It has since stayed near or on the coffee table.  It is so fun to identify the new birds that fly into our backyard area.  The chickens end up with the dropped bird seed and the squirrels always get their share as well.  It is a regular Wild Animal Kingdom out there.

bird feeder 1For some unexplained reason, I love watching them wait in line for their turn at the feeders.  I love watching them flit about.  The dog lies on her bed with her muzzle propped up on her pillow watching the activity outside. bird feeder 3

I know that Spring is just a few days away and the birds really don’t need much help from me, here in the Pacific Northwest.  However, I love to watch them.  So the hunt is on.  To make or buy a new bird feeder.  I think I will put it on the Christmas wish list.  We will tell the kids.  They are always searching for a gift idea or two.

I guess we have reached the age, where receiving a new bird feeder would make us really happy.  When did that happen?

4 thoughts on “here birdie, birdie

  1. SilverLinings61

    Love, Love, Love to watch our backyard birds! We call them our “vetless pets”. LOL

    Endless hours of entertainment…I must be gettin’ old!!!!!

    (I’ve been ‘unplugged’ and am catching up…Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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