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DSCN3956For those of us who love fresh eggs, the one draw back is attempting the hard-boiled version.  Oodles of tricks and attempts, cracked, broken, exploded…..the list is long.  I have heard of folks marking eggs to keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks for use in boiling.  People have shared they poke a hole with a pin prior to boiling.  Folks have told me that is the only reason they buy store-bought eggs is to use those to boil.

I make an effort to raise healthy, natural chickens so we can eat healthy, natural eggs.  I really don’t want to purchase store-bought, old eggs just for boiling.

So, it is with glee that I share the Secret formula for “hard boiling” FRESH Eggs!!!!!

Today was pure SUCCESS.

Place fresh eggs in a bowl of warm water to bring them to room temperature.  Grab that double boiler, get the water boiling.  Add the egg to the top steam portion.  Cover with a lid, STEAM (that’s the secret) for 20 minutes.  Remove from heat, plunge into an ice water bath.  (no need to fill the bathtub with ice cubes, a kitchen bowl will do nicely)  Wait 5 minutes.  Remove.  Peel an egg.  None are cracked, broken, exploded.  None have the green ring around the yolk from over cooking.  Perfectly “hard-boiled” eggs.  Once and for all, SUCCESS!

Here’s to easy peeling eggs!  Here’s to a really good, well crafted egg salad sandwich!  Oh, I love figuring out the secret to success.

2 thoughts on “the secret

  1. Well, I have steamed eggs before but never brought them to room temperature first. Maybe that is why sometimes the steaming works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll have to try this. Have you heard of sprinkling baking soda in the water as well? I’ve tried this too though not recently. My memory is saying it worked. Love you! xo Joanne

    1. Yes, I tried the baking soda. boohiss didn’t work for me. Well, I put it in my bath, and I am hoping it works, haha. whole other story.
      Just can’t see figuring out “boiling” fresh eggs.
      Oh happy day to you my friend, I can see a sliver of sunshine this morning!
      What Spring is coming? YAHOO!!!!
      Hugs, D

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