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spring 1Snap out of it!  Spring is in the air.  The calendar says spring, outdoors in the Pacific Northwest says differently this morning.  Reality is, the outdoor bird bath is frozen this morning.  There is slippery frost on the deck and while standing outside I could see each breath I took.  By the way, I looked lovely.  I had on an adorable  3/4 length pajama gown, covered in a riot of white and pink flowers.  Then I accessorized with a fleece lined, shocking yellow jacket with a bold blue stripe.  My feet were ensconced in Mr. Right’s black outdoor work boots that reached my knee.  My hair was “joyful”.

Hello, world!  This morning started off a bit rough.  Just one of those rocky, bumpy starts, right out of the clanging horse gates.  We all have them.  However, instead of letting it all keep happening, I tried to make adjustments and turn it around. Snap out of it, make a change.    In place of my usual hot breakfast with berries and toasted almonds,  I decided to put a couple of waffles in the toaster.  (Mr. Right makes amazing waffles and always freezes a couple for the week ahead, in case a toasty waffle sounds perfect & will make everything all better.)  Usually the waffles are toasty warm and just slightly crisp edges, unless you walk away and forget that you turned up the little knob that says  As earlier mentioned, it is too dang cold to open all the windows this early.  The aroma of burnt waffle is wafting through our home and two soy candles are lit. I am trying to somehow, magically make it all go away.  I just peeled an orange and tossed the peel and a cinnamon stick in a sauce pan along with some water, in the hopes of helping clear the air.  My own quick version of burning sage to clear the bad karma.  A do over if you will.

I have a few friends who have started over this past year.  Beginning a new version of “normal” life, their own do over.   Yes, here to tell you, we all get a do over!  Isn’t that about the best news you have heard all day?  One friend is adjusting to not working full-time outside the home.  A couple of girls are learning to live alone after many years of sharing.  I have other friends who have had health challenges and are beginning anew.

It is work to change the old comfortable. I myself go kicking and screaming.  I like routine.  I adore hibernating in the winter and wearing layers upon layers of warm comfortable clothes.   I like the broken-in, old slipper feel of how things have always been.   Some days, full to the brim with changes, end up being tougher than others.  Once in a while, the old pity party grabs me and wants to schedule a fiesta.  Yesterday, I could feel myself being pulled down.  I made a snap decision to slip into my sewing room and surround myself with bright color and options, loud, kicky country music and make happy happen.  I made a lime green bib with monkeys dancing upon it.  I used purple flower fabric to make a chicken pin cushion.  Then I made a jaunty sachet I tied with a lavender ribbon.  All to give away.  That makes me happy.   Then I wrote to a couple of friends and asked what creative thing they were working on.  Share please, quick.  I asked them to let me share some of their color choices and creativity.  It really did brighten my spirit.

I love the concept of combining Spring and the do over.  Each day, making a choice to spring quickly over the ugly parts and settle into the happy parts.   Sure life throws us all weird and wacky curves.  We may think we have everything in order, laundry basket empty, dishes all done and have done everything right and yet, we still don’t find a four-leaf clover.

spring shoesAs a kid, I saw a picture of these “spring” shoes.  Springs were attached to the bottom of forms you slipped your regular sneakers into.    The idea here was, you would bounce or spring with each step you took.  I never really wanted them, I just like thinking about it.  I thought about them a lot.  Heck, I still daydream about them.  Spring over mud puddles.  Spring over a pot hole.  Spring over my sisters, who were laying on the ground chalking.   Just spring over the parts I didn’t want to deal with.

You don’t have to sit around waiting for the world to deliver you a better option.

I for one, am not waiting.  I am going to spring over to the good parts.

6 thoughts on “do over

  1. SilverLinings61

    Oh my gosh! I can just see you with your “joyful” hair and very stylish ensemble on this frozen first day of Spring!!!!!
    I’ve been known to do the same thing…only with my very cute Ladybug garden shoes on (they are yellow and covered with ladybugs) 🙂

    Here’s to a new season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I definitely feel like I am a living do-over. By the way, I interviewed for a part time job today that is 5 minutes from my home. It would be lovely to have a bit of extra money to have fun with while I wait for my event business to grow.
    I haven’t forgot about our egg book! I have to get back on track and I’m hoping next week is it. Thank you for your patience!
    I love those springy shoes and your morning attire on your deck sounds so lovely! It is still cold here too- barely above freezing today but I just know it’s Spring!!
    xo Joanne

    1. Oh goodness, I love that you found a part time job. That sounds fun and wonderful.
      I am good with the timing on the book. I keep taking pictures, you never know when I might take a great one! ha Oh and I contacted another gal who I went to school with. She raises chickens and I am sure she has oodles to tell us. I still LOVE the book idea. No matter when it happens.
      Okay, I know it’s Spring too, just sort of hoping for t-shirt and capri weather.
      Love ya, D

      1. Your pictures are ALL great! I love them.
        I bet your old friend will have some great chicken stories!
        PS. I don’t have the job yet. I just interviewed for it!
        And, I got another small wedding for October, in a botanic garden! Yippee!
        xo Joanne

      2. See, I am “acting” as though you already have the job! Nothing but good karma and positive vibes.
        Oh, I bet that will be a gorgeous wedding. Son number 2 and wife were married in a botanical garden in California in October of 2012. It was simply stunning.
        Happy Saturday, friend.
        Hugs from the left coast, D

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