Charming Spring

DSCN3995I made a new bracelet to celebrate spring and friendship.  It makes me tickled just looking at it.  So happy, I want to finish my Saturday chores quick, so I can put it on and walk around all fancy and giddy.

It is called Spring Dreams Bracelet Kit.  It was designed by Kelsy Vincent.

It came with all the charms and beads and bobbles.  It included 50 head pins and jump rings and leaves and more.

Some of the charms are Preciosa Crystal, Swarovski elements, Tierra Cast pewter and the chain.

My friend and I decided months ago, we would do this project together to celebrate us and the beginning of Spring.  One of those projects to look forward to.  A project to aim towards.   A project of HOPE.   On Tuesday, we went to pick up our kits.  Friday, we layed things out and figured out the universe (well not really, the bracelet only).  We worked on it for three hours.

Last night, I worked on it for four hours.  Yes, each bead or charm has to have a pin put through it, wrapped around and a loop formed.  Then a jump ring is put through.  Then attached to the charm bracelet that you make to your measurements.

For mine, I am ordering three new silver charms.  I am putting the Grands names on each charm and adding it to the bracelet.

I LOVE that it is HAPPY and cheerful and joyful and jolly.

I LOVE that we made matching bracelets to remind us of friendship.

I LOVE that I am making mine into a CELEBRATION of Grandbabes!

I LOVE the weight and sound of the bracelet.

I LOVE the JOYFUL colors.  I have a stunning charm bracelet already.  However, it is 99% silver.  So this is very different and silly and a jumble of colors.

I LOVE all the variety of charms and goodies.

I LOVE that my friend helped me and encouraged me to make it.

I LOVE that the package says “Beginner/Intermediate”.  Somewhere in the midst of  deciding to make it, going to pick up the kit, spending the money…and 7 plus hours of fashioning it into something that resembled a bracelet………….I became an “Intermediate”.

I LOVE deciding what I am going to wear it with first.

I LOVE that I am going to wear it when I get to hug my Grandgirlies.

I LOVE that it is HAPPY and fun and oh so charming.

Happy Spring Dreams to all!

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