Oh, Happy Day!

One of the nicest gifts of being a parent is the added bonus of becoming a grandparent.

We are extra lucky in that department.  We have two adorable, sweet, sassy, smart as the universe Grandgirlies and another bundle of goodness on the way.

Being a grandparent is like dessert.  You finish the main meal and then you get a little nugget of goodness as a reward for staying at the party that long.

It is carefree and fun and happy and delightful.  You can pretty much buy what you want.  You don’t have to say no to grands.  Your main focus as a grandparent is to ask for more pictures and make things you think they will like.  When you go into book stores, you find your book quick, then you browse and purchase all sorts of books that you think your Grands NEED.

glitter monsterYou keep your eyes open at all times for things like glitter covered tutus, light up flip-flops, stickers, books, and on and on.   When I see a feather on the ground, I pick it up and save for their envelopes.  I want to mail them an envelope of feathers.  Just because.

Then on special days, you send them extra special goodies because it is their day to celebrate. DSCN3829

Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Adelaide Erin.  You are an amazing little person.  You make my world better, just by being you.

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