brave girls wear snazzy bathing suits

I tried to keep my eyes open, I really did.  While standing atop the huge slide, I thought to myself, keep your eyes open.  Live this moment.  Squeeze every bit of pure goodness and joy you can out of it.

Mr. Right went first.  Ok, so I may have hesitated, I let three other very small squealing children go in front of me.  Then I had the thought, there is NO WAY, I am climbing back down all those stairs.  none.  I am going to do this.  I am brave and fierce!  I am doing it for me and other girls who don’t feel so brave.  Other hot chicks in really snazzy bathing suits that don’t feel so fierce.  I deserve to feel this way.  I climbed all the way up to the top.   As I took each step up, I spied my saucy Peru-B-Ruby painted toenails.  I am going down in a splash of pure giddy filled glory!

DSCN4167The very instant I climbed onto the slide platform, the very second my fanny touch the hard plastic, I WAS OFF!  I had the sneaky suspicion that if I hesitated for even a split second, I may delay my very cool braveness.  I kept my eyes open to the first corner, then some dang weird phenomenon over took me and I closed my eyes.  I can feel the spray of the water, I can hear the whoosh of the water at the bottom.  I can feel the cool water forcing me along.  The bumps in the slide, the smooth feel of the plastic, it all enveloped me and I was in the middle of being BRAVE!

At the very last second, my eyes popped open and then I hit the water and under I went.  I was disoriented for a moment then, swam to the top.  Smiling!  Look at me!  LOOK AT ME!!!  Okay, so I had to move quick like a bunny out-of-the-way, to let all the other brave little children come whooshing SPLASH into the water.  I looked for Mr. Right.  He was smiling, too!

He had that look on his face.  You know the one.  Wow,  you ARE brave!  You did it!  Then, I caught him thinking,  I have a sneaky suspicion that she is going to talk about this moment over and over and over and over.

We just returned from a glorious Spring Break.  We have only been home a couple of days and I have already re-told the pool slide story maybe 7 or 8 times.  Okay, so typing it here is 9.  Oh, and last night,  I told the story to two of our kids on the phone, 10 and 11.   The word glorious is used to describe 90* and pure sunshine in the warm and friendly state of Florida.  DSCN4151

This morning, when I was walking to the shed to get fresh straw and food for the chickens, I was thinking about how brave I was to go down that slide.  Under my coat, gloves,  fleece top, jeans, socks and Mr. Right’s black work boots, I was rocking a tangerine orange souvenir T-shirt from Margaritaville and a gorgeous tan!

Being a BRAVE girl feels amazing.  I highly recommend it.


8 thoughts on “brave girls wear snazzy bathing suits

  1. Carmen

    Can my smile get any bigger? I love it that you has such a glorious vacation at the beach and beyond. I can hardly wait to hear more of the details. AND yes your are brave. I think one of bravest sassy gals I know!! And I love to read your slide story over and and over. Maybe one day I will find my way down a waterslide. 🙂

  2. Esther Miller!

    I am smiling ear to ear for you!! So impressed, but knew you had it in you! WAY TO GO, GIRL!!!

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