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One of the glorious things about vacation is that you are free as a bird.  Free to spread your wings, somehow giving yourself permission to try things you never would have tried back at the ol’ homestead.  Vacation itself is outside of the normal, “safe” box we all build for ourselves.    Trying new things keeps us young in heart and spirit.  Experiencing or tasting new things gives us something to chatter about once back home in our safe cocoons.  Something to share and tell our friends or something to blog about.    Side note:  today while browsing blogs, I read the subtitle “Living it up and Writing it down”.  Made me smile and wiggle in my seat.  It was the perfect way to describe writing a blog.

If I was still a home school teacher, today’s assignment would be:   What I discovered on my Spring Break 

Make a list, write a poem, come up with a story, write a song, paint a picture, put together a collage, piece together a scrap-book.  Your choice, tell the world about something you discovered.

I discovered:

fried green tomatoesFried Green Tomatoes… them, drooling while I type.

Fire and Ice Pickles….love them, keyboard wet with more drool.

Stone Crab….served over ice, amazing flavor, delicate yet firm,  more please!

We enjoyed a singing waiter at our table.  He was amazing and I got to shake his hand and thank and tip him.

Renting a brand new Prius….no thank you, never again.  Hey, at least we tried something new.

Taking coconut oil in a container in your make up bag is not a very good idea.

Key Lime Pie…..oh my stars, tart and smooth and divine…….wanted to lick the plate clean.

Gator Land….Creepy, yet can’t look away GREAT.  It was so good.DSCN4143

Universal City Walk….fun, happy, interesting, perfect date night.

Going down a cool slide into a pool makes you one of the cool kids, who feels brave and fierce.

key lime pieStrawberry Mojito……..fresh, bright, tasty adult beverage

Night Swimming…..SUPER fun and Happy and refreshing and want to do again.

One of the things about dancing through this maze with Mr. Right, is that he likes to make sure I feel cared for.  Up until this vacation, I have NEVER once in my life gone out to breakfast in a fancy schmancy restaurant by myself.  You see, he was working for a couple of days and while he worked, I played.  So, the first day alone, I decided to play the grown up lady role in a movie.  Get all dressed up and go out to breakfast.  I sort of felt brave.  Yes, I double checked I had my room key and cash and a debit card.   Okay, it was to one of the restaurants in the hotel we were staying in, still, it was scary to try it alone.

I walked up to the host and he greeted me by saying, “Good Morning, table for one”?  Okay, that sounded weird.  I answered yes.  I wanted to blurt out that I AM MARRIED and he is at the hotel, but at a conference, and this is my first time eating breakfast in a restaurant alone, and I am being brave and fierce!  I didn’t say any of that.

I had no idea what time it was.  I was curious and asked him.  Being from Seattle and now having breakfast in Florida, I was goofed up.  He was a pleasure to talk with.  He had been to Seattle recently and we talked of rain and travel.

My waiter was friendly and charming.  Another waiter came over and greeted me.  I had brought a book to read.  (I have seen other single diners and “table for one’s” in movies who bring a book to the table.  I never once opened the book.)  I was completely entertained by people watching.  Being so close to the Magic Kingdom, there were many short people who were being bribed by their parents to “eat a good breakfast”.  Many parenting skills were apparently left back on the farm.  Several little people were winning the battle of the morning.  Yikes, looked like it might be a long day ahead for some grown up Mouseketeers.

More waiters stopped by.  They were fussing over me.  Not sure if it was the level of service or they were just being overly friendly to the single chatty girl?

The time had come to pay.   I was all excited.  I thanked the waiter and declined more of his delicious coffee offering.  I said, “may I please have the check?”  He was gracious and when he brought it to me he explained I could sign my room number or pay cash or use a debit/credit card.  I decided then and there, I was going to use “my” money in my wallet.  I was already figuring out the tip.

Then, I spied him!

He walked over to the table to surprise me.  He gave me a smooch and said Good Morning, sweetie.  I said, “What are you doing here?”  It wasn’t a very nice way to greet the love of my life.   He said just stopped by between meetings to say hello and see how you were doing.  DANG.  I said, “I am fine.  I can do this myself.”  When the waiter set down the bill, Mr. Right reached for it.  I said, “I can pay for it myself”.  He just laughed and said he would get it.  I sort of felt like an 8-year-old girl.  I wanted to stomp my feet and say that I could do it myself.  I was a big girl all grown up and quite capable of paying for it myself.

Then I sort of saw myself as one of those short people in the restaurants, throwing a mini meltdown.

Mr. Right graciously paid for my lovely breakfast.  I graciously thanked him.  We walked out together, hand in hand.  Sometimes in my effort to be “I AM WOMAN, I AM STRONG” role, I forget how lucky I am.  I sort of forgot for a moment that I happen to have a wonderful gentleman who, no matter how busy with work or life he is, he has his radar set to check up on me and see how “BRAVE” I am being.   Yes, he found me late in the afternoon by the pool.  I saw him across the pool area, looking for me.  I felt like a school girl, waving at my boyfriend.  We were both smiling ear to ear.  I wanted to share and fill him in on all the things I had done on my own that day.

On our Spring Break, I discovered I am quite capable of doing things on my own.  However, it feels warm and wonderful, lovely and charming to have a really good person in your corner.  I am grateful to have someone in the wings, he  gives me the courage and the behind the scenes strength to be brave and eat breakfast in a restaurant, alone.




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  1. Jan

    2 things
    I love “watching” your love story.
    I love how polity you described the “brats”. Lol

    1. I had the perfect breakfast, my favorites. Big bowl of fruit, oatmeal and coffee. Since giving up oatmeal (gluten), I enjoyed every single bite. It was wonderful. 🙂

      Spring Break was just the ticket, a much needed break in routine. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing the goodness.
      Hugs, D

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