let’s do lunch?

Yesterday, I shared a healthy recipe with a couple of girl friends.  I really care about what my family and my friends eat.  It is one way to say I love them.   Roasted Applesauce.  Just do it.  Yes, that good! http://orangette.blogspot.com/ (leave out the sugar or make a substitution with something a bit healthier)

Mr. Right and I were talking over inviting a girlfriend to stay with us for a week this summer.  We want to offer her a week of pure, healthy food, drinks, pure water and smoothies.  We love & respect her so much, we want to share our bounty for a week.  We want her to thrive and find wellness at our home.  She is worthy of high quality food.  We want her to know that.

springsBeing on vacation is a blast.  Everyday is something new and different and fun and exciting.  One little tiny part of being on vacation that is less than delightful is having to find really high quality food choices in airports or at hotels or find a local restaurant.  Each can be a bit tricky.  We did come across a GREAT small restaurant at an airport in Chicago, called Sprigs.  A salad place where they make it fresh for each customer and you can tailor it to your tastes and needs.  Well Done, Sprigs!!!!!!  Two thumbs up for offering a really great choice.  The David and Goliath story comes to mind.

While in the same airport, sadly, we saw a rather large gentleman, being pushed quickly in a wheelchair in an attempt to make his connecting flight.  On his lap he was holding a sack of food with the famous Golden Arches printed on the bag.  I will let your mind fill in what I was thinking past the obvious sadness and pity.

I don’t have a choice.  My life depends on every single choice I make.  The food and drink that goes in my body is what builds my immune system and helps me thrive.  Every single poor choice does just the opposite. I am not only worthy of good fresh food,  I need it to live.

This is not going to sound hip, cool , or popular.   I don’t care.  Honest, I don’t.  I am proud of what I am going to say.

Offering up worthy food choices for Mr. Right and myself is my job.   It is my job as a wife.  I am very good at my job.  I adore that man, and I want the very best nutrition for him every single day.  I go to great lengths to study and learn and then make interesting and nutritious meals, juices and smoothies, worthy of his health.  Yes, I own a business and I have lots of other hats that I wear, however,  I take my job as a wife very seriously.  Part of my responsibilities, include making  an effort to ensure that Mr. Right & myself have a variety of  food choices, well planned, balanced, high quality, beautiful (yes, we eat with our eyes) delicious meals.

All that being said, I read an article about a school district not “allowing” children to bring a lunch from home, unless they have a note from a doctor.  


That statement is so sad, I started to laugh.  As sick as I have been for the last year and as many doctors as I have seen, the topic of nutrition and food choices is a joke to 95% of conventional doctors.  (I will say one naturopath was open-minded and well-educated enough to discuss high quality food choices.)  The last oncologist I saw, graciously invited me to her yearly pink survivors bbq.  “All sorts of bbq meats and treats and drinks and tons of sweet desserts.  It is lots of fun, you will love it.  We would love to have you join us.”  If I went, what could I eat or drink?  Not one thing.

How on earth am I going to get that same “enlightened” doctor to write me a note that says, not one thing on your upcoming weekly, school lunch menu can my patient have?  Every single thing would be detrimental to her health.  She will have to bring her own lunch from home.  She will have to bring her green juice and raw vegetables and raw fruits and her own rice dish or her own raw soup or ……..

Considering a scheduled appointment with one of my doctors is $395.00 per visit.  That is one expensive note from a doctor.

When did the shift happen?  When did it become “okay” to eat a fast food meal or a “governmental approved” school lunch of “chicken nuggets (made out of hormones  and chemicals shaped into dinosaurs), catsup (sugar), fruit cup (colorings & corn syrup), French fries (with 17 chemicals) and a carton of milk  (oh don’t even get me started on the hormones and the chemicals and the yuck), of course all laced liberally with MSG…………………WHEN DID IT BECOME OKAY  to serve our most precious treasures (our children, in case you didn’t know what I was talking about) those kind of chemicals?  school lunch

When did it fall out of fashion to serve a meal to our family and friends that is of value and worthy of their health and wellness?   When did it become okay to offer our school children food I would not serve to my animals?  When did our own flesh and blood become so unworthy that we are not offering a meal to feed their bodies and minds?

I know how hard it is to get kids to eat lunch.  I think the toughest trick is to feed teenagers, really high quality food.  They are being bombarded with “hip & cool” choices. Those Frapacinnos and the “healthy” Subway sandwiches are selling like hot cakes and it is not just the adults buying them.    I get it, really, I do.  I even went to great lengths to buy restaurant containers (no, not earth friendly) to make up salads or wraps.  I used packaged plastic cutlery and an industrial looking napkin and use a rubber band to secure it all.  That way, it “looked” like said teenager, picked up take out for his lunch.  It wasn’t some dorky thing that his mom made him and told him to take to school and to remember to eat.  No cute note from home, no motivational stickers………………just a throw away take out container.  I know how hard it is to fit in.  If buying non “green” containers” helped a tiny bit to get my treasure to eat lunch then it was worth it.

Offering up high quality, worthy,  nutritious dense food that will help us thrive is difficult and can be tricky.

The time has come.  We need to be strong enough to stand up and be brave and say something.  The person who made the rule about getting a note from a doctor to bring your own lunch………one word: BULLY.  Follow the money, figure out why oh why this is something we “need” in public schools.  It does not matter if your children are school age or not.  Your grandchildren will be.  Your neighbor or co-worker has kids that will be in school at some point.

Every human being on earth is WORTHY of a high quality meal.

In case you forgot we are in this together.  We need to lift each other up with ideas and suggestions.  Share recipes and meals with kindness in our hearts.  We need to invite friends over to share in a fresh smoothie or some great humus or some healthy soup to show that we love them and want them to thrive.

Please share a recipe today with a friend or a neighbor,  and for the love of our treasures, make a wonderful fresh meal worthy of you and  your family.

Here’s to our good health!  Please share your comments.  I would love to have an intelligent discussion about this topic.  Thanks so much.

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”  A. Dumbledore




4 thoughts on “let’s do lunch?

  1. SilverLinings61

    Can you hear me applauding you??? (clap clap clap clap clap clap clap)
    The tray of stuff in your photo doesn’t even look like food!!!
    …gotta dash – more later

  2. A couple of thoughts come to mind. First, who the heck do they think they are, telling a mom she can’t send lunch with her child! The unmitigated nerve! I am flummoxed. But then, as a homeschool mom (retired), I have the nerve to say such things. I have the nerve to think that what a school is doing is wrong; just plain wrong. And I had the blessed option of telling the school system that I would not be sending my children to participate in their foolishness. I realize that not everyone had that option, so I’m not judging. I’m just saying that there are choices to be made. Second thought: Cradle to Crypt Government–Hillary and the thought of “They don’t know what they’re doing. The government needs to step in to ‘help’ the ignorant masses.” See point number one, and the unmitigated nerve. Third thought: I visited one class of “The Daniel Plan”, a nutrition/exercise program based on Daniel in the Old Testament, who chose to eat simple good foods rather than the king’s rich banquet. The author of the book described food as ‘prescription’: everything you put in your body has a purpose, and it either feeds the machine or it hurts it. I like to think about food as medication for a healthier machine.
    God bless you, Sparkles. Keep up the researching, and bless you for sharing what you’ve learned.

    1. Thanks oodles for stopping by and discussing. I love your feedback. Made me feel like I wasn’t crazy as a one winged bird.
      I too lean towards the food to fuel the machine.
      I have learned so much from Hallelujah Acres http://www.hacres.com/ It is an amazing organization and they give me hope and strength and ideas and recipes to move forward in a healthy fashion.
      Thank you for the encouragement.
      We are in this together. Here’s to our good health and wellness.

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