rubbing elbows with grace

Grace is simple.  It is given freely.  Yes, I said FREE.  Imagine that?  You can pass it out or you can take some.  Free, Free, Free.  Sort of makes you happy just to hear that, right?

I have people in my life that bathe me in Grace.  Even if I have been a stinker.  Even if I have been less than lady like. Somehow the people I have chosen to surround myself with, find a pocket full of fairy dust and sprinkle it all over me at just the perfect time.  Then there are those people I look for.  Like a game of hide and seek.  I seek out new folks to meet and learn from.   They don’t know me.  Sometimes we don’t have the same interests.  We come from very different places.  Yet, somehow, I glean Grace from people everywhere I go.

I met several new people while on Spring Break.  A couple of unique people graced my life with knowledge and goodness and healing.  Both made me think and grow and become better.  Yes, I became a better person just by meeting them.  Go on vacation, come back a better version of you!  How wonderful is that?

red dot quiltI met one person in a quilt shop, busy working away on his latest masterpiece.  He was a hipster, cool, barefoot guy who was sewing the most lively combination of polka dot reds and pinks into a quilt top.  His belt buckle was set just to the left of center.  He was in the zone.  He was making that sewing machine sing.  The colors and the design made me giggle and smile.  The colors and his personality drew me in.  As I talked to barefoot guy, I learned he had traveled several times to the Pacific Northwest to visit family, so we found that in common.  He shared a favorite quilt pattern he has made 5 times.  The batik fabrics on the Pumpkin patch were stunning.  His brain rattled off the artist and the designer.   He was at home and in his element inside a lovely little quilt shop.  Barefoot guy made me feel welcome and bathed in his Grace.  It was a pleasure to be there.  As we drove away, I had to wonder if he felt as comfortable in other locations during his day.  Because of his barefoot, hipster attitude, I had to wonder if others missed out on learning about how wonderful of a person he is.

Singing guy was the next person to wash me in his Grace.  As Mr. Right and I sat down in a restaurant, while waiting for our meal, he came over and introduced checkered shirthimself.  His warm personality and snazzy tie, grabbed my attention and didn’t let go.  I could feel his goodness sort of spilling out of his jaunty checker board shirt.  He was brave.  He was also the person who filled water glasses, found crayons for short people and escorted guests to their table.  I say he was brave because he offered to sing for us.  Yes, right there in the middle of the restaurant.  He was an opera and jazz trained singer.  I chose jazz.  Oh my stars.  He was wonderful. Made me clap before he was even done.   Singing guy needed to get in his car and drive to some American Star talent competition and sing for his supper!  Yes, that good.  His voice made my toes tingle and I got goose bumps on the back of my neck.  (a sure sign a star is born).  Shaking his hand, tipping him, telling him while looking into his eyes, I was proud of him, didn’t seem enough.  So brave and talented to be doing what he was doing.  He made our dining experience over the top memorable.  He graciously shared his gift with us.  As we drove away, I had to wonder if he felt as comfortable in other locations during his day.  Because of his singing, jaunty, snazzy personality, I had to wonder if others missed out on learning about how wonderful of a person he is.

One of the most wonderful and lucky things about taking a vacation is meeting new people.  People you didn’t know you needed in your life.  New people to fill in the gaps and holes left by rather sad, unjazzy folks that I am learning to let go.  So much easier to let go of the old yuck when there are so many choices of good.  Just by meeting  fresh, happy, unique, intelligent people somehow that goodness rubs off on you and you gather little bits of healing.  You feel better just by rubbing elbows with good eggs.

Grace is sort of like a gown up version of glitter.  If someone has it all over them, you can’t help but get some on yourself.

ps. We celebrate a friend’s son who today, is four years CLEAN and SOBER!  That is four years of hard work, learning, growing, changing, stretching and four years of Grace.  He did it and is doing it every single day.  Each day he puts one foot in front of the other.  We are so proud of him and his family.  No, we had nothing to do with it.  Yet, somehow, just being around and knowing someone who has done something so brave and sassy, you get glitter all over you.  Just by knowing him, makes our lives better. 

Grace, it IS Amazing.

6 thoughts on “rubbing elbows with grace

  1. How beautiful those two men made such an impact on you and hubby. Thanks for a fun story that reminds me of all the good people who outnumber the not-so-good. And huge Congrats to your friend’s son, too!

  2. SilverLinings61

    Love hearing you weave the people you meet and your experiences (your threads) into the tapestry of your life… 🙂

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