Block of the Month, April edition

DSCN4223San Juan, Puerto Rico is the name of the block for this month.  I chose a bright and cheery yellow for the sunshine. The cobblestone in gray to depict some of the roads.

Those pin wheel points in sunshine and soft gray match up so pretty.  The order and accurate measurements speaks to my heart.  Yes, I love to twirl and swirl and be silly.  However, coming back to order and geometry makes me sing.  Now, that makes this quilter smile.

When photographing this quilt project, I notice the colors look a bit subdued.  To lighten the mood,  I have also chosen a bright and lively piece of stripe for sashings & borders.  Yellows and more yellows with a touch of gray will make these delicious grays come alive.  The piece of fabric will add a harmony of calm and lively once all together.  DSCN4221

I find myself “see sawing” between bright and full of a punch color quilts to calm and peaceful.  Depends on my mood of the day which I gravitate toward.


This morning, the sun just started to come out.  I noticed a splash of sunshine on a quilt hanging in my sewing room.  Made me smile. Quilting warms my heart and soul. DSCN4226

10 thoughts on “Block of the Month, April edition

  1. Carmen

    I love the grey and yellow colors of your new quilt. I love the individual blocks and how the patterns come together with each other. Its going to be fun to see the finished quilt. 🙂

  2. I have always liked grey and yellow combinations. I made my mom in the early 1960’s paint my room light grey and we made yellow curtains for it. Your quilt is going to be nice. Thanks for sharing.

      1. SilverLinings61

        I keep coming back to this blog to see your very cheerful hanging quilt with a splash of sunshine…makes me smile! 🙂

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