souveniers of grace

That movement you make when you swing your suitcase up onto the scale in the airport………it is full of energy, lots of anticipation and a touch of worry (hoping they are under weight, vacation shoe choices weigh a lot folks!) The bags are then whisked away to be put in the belly of the plane.  Ah, that moment of relief, when you walk away with just your carry on.  You feel somewhat free and actually lighter.  You now trust (or don’t really care at this point), that somehow, the bags, your bags will make it to your the place you are going.  All by the magic of a little tiny piece of card stock paper that has been looped through the handle with a stretchy piece of string.  Amazingly, most of the time the luggage makes it.  Strangely enough, at the end of our trip, our bags made it home before we did!  We found them sitting in the lost and found section of the airport.  We don’t question these things, we are just grateful and move on.

DSCN4074Did you know back in 1952, Gator Land, located in Florida sold LIVE baby alligators to take home as souvenirs for ONE DOLLAR????????? And here I was thinking it was a headache and a half to get through TSA security!  Live Alligators, may create a problem today folks,  Jeepers Creepers!

I have not been treated with grace in any form that I can sense from the TSA employees.  Quite the opposite.  I am not going to give them the satisfaction of more space on this post.   However, secretly, I would love to have a live ‘gator in my bag.  I smile, but…. oh so serious.

When ever, where ever I travel, my bags and sometimes carry on, come back with more than I took.  I come back with fabric.  Yes, my number one souvenir of choice is fabric. Oh sure, I bring back pieces of Grace from our holiday.  I am partial to:   squished pennies, silver charms,  cookie cutters, rolling pins and t-shirts.  Oh and maybe a piece of jewelry.  A girl has to be on the look out for sweet and sassy things everywhere!  Hey, that alligator charm is my badge of honor!  I earned that charm.   I just loved Gator Land.  So creepy, yet I couldn’t look away.  Three hours of pure entertainment and adventure.

I have a lovely piece of blue and white fabric that I bought in Quebec, Canada.  My first try at purchasing fabric in another language. I tried my new language and the shop keeper used her grace to help me.   I love looking at that piece.  It reminds me how brave I felt, 30 some years ago. It reminds me of that first long distance trip with Mr. Right.

Coming home, the suitcases, (here is a question, why does the TSA seem to inspect (read that as move and mess up) my luggage going …..when everything is rolled and folded so neatly and coming back when every thing is just shoved and tucked and dirty, they never inspect that?) amongst the wrinkled Capri pants and the six extra pairs of shoes I did not choose to wear, I tucked in some lovely new pieces of fabric.  I am very grateful for each piece.

Fabric that will remind me of the lovely shops I explored.   The orange and yellow to remind me of the Florida Sunshine.  The polka dots to remind of the feeling of happy.  The stack of colors to make a quilt will gently remind me of the shared afternoon in a quilt shop with Miss Florida.

Please tell me what you collect while on vacation.  What do you collect?





4 thoughts on “souveniers of grace

  1. When I am on vacation, I tend to collect jewelry or other personal items as a memento. I bought a gorgeous ring in Captiva, Florida a few years ago. I also bought a woven beach tote at the original Chico’s store in Sanibel Island!
    I have a beautiful weave purse I bought in Patmos Greece about 7-8 years ago. It is my favorite. I only use it a few weeks out of the year because the weave is cracking just a bit. I usually choose May because that is when we went to Patmos. I love the purse and it’s beautiful earthy look.
    I can’t believe they sold gators for a $1 back in the day at Gatorland! YIKES! I wonder how many of those ended up getting flushed down a toilet by a concerned parent?? 😉
    xo Joanne

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