owls, monkeys & turtles, oh my

40 years ago this summer, I learned to sew. Over the course of three months, I made the same blouse seven times.  One had buttons, one had a zipper, one had gathers …. you get the idea.  My grandmother was a big believer in learning to sew by doing.  She would show me one method one time, then I was to try and try my best.

I have sewn all of those years.  I was an Army wife for several years, so you KNOW I can make curtains.  Lots and lots of curtains. Oh and costumes, oodles and oodles of children’s costumes.

DSCN4324I have also sewn prom dresses, wedding dresses,  vests, costumes,  Christening gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, quilts, aprons, shorts, pants, skirts and the list goes on and on.  I have repaired and altered (no, not fun).  I have sewn really lovely things. I have sewn things for people which I did not care for.  The items, not the people.  ha

DSCN4356I gotta tell you, the most fun and happy things I have ever sewn have been all the things for my grands.  Dolls and clothes and dresses and bibs.  Lots of bibs.  This past week colorful fabric has surrounded me.  Oh and animals. Owls and Monkeys and Turtles have been marching across my sewing table this past week. DSCN4360

…and jingle bells………….yes, each of the grandgirlie dresses have a jingle bell sewn in.  When I was a little girl, my grandmother sewed them into our dresses so we would have to sit still during church service.   I sew them into dresses for pure goodness and happy.   You have to twirl and swirl and jump, so you can hear the jingle bell.  Their mom has promised pictures of the girls wearing the new frocks.  I promise to share.

In my sewing room, I twirl and swirl, create and listen to loud music…….. my world is happy and challenging and healing and everything good.  Sew good.

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  1. Love that you and I have sew many if the SE experiences! Yes, I have sewn curtains, not my favorite thing, but the Swags and Jabots sold our first and second homes. Hope life is treating you well! Love ya a Girlie!



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