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refrigerator 3I’m hungry.  Oh, every mother/wife/aunt/godfather/uncle/babysitter on earth has heard that once or twice.  I bet, most of you have actually seen someone in your family, stand with the refrigerator door open, their arm draped over, gazing into the big huge box.  What is there to eat?

It took some adjusting when the empty nest really was empty.  It was a trick to learn to cook for two normal eating adults, as opposed to two normal eating adults and two ravenous teenager boys.  One bowl of brown rice with veggies and cashews and almonds and pumpkin seeds could feed three to four average adults or ONE teenager.   Portion sizes needed to be adjusted.

I have a couple of friends who are cooking for one these days.  That is tricky, too.    Here’s the thing, no matter how many at your dinner table (YES, set the table, even for one. ) Make it an event, worthy of your time and your health and wellness.  We all are worthy of a meal made with pure goodness.   Even if you are too “busy”.  Oh, how I loath that word.  If you are too busy, adjust your schedule.  Let go of some things that are not worthy of your time. You are not too busy to plan a few days worth of meals.  Make extra, it will get eaten.

Even if you have all day long to cook, sometimes, well you just don’t feel like creating wonderful meals.  This is where FOOD FAST, comes into play.

I bet like me, you have gone into a wonderful deli or market that has a sparkling clean glass case full to overflowing with bowl after bowl of ready-made salads, marinated vegetables, grilled mushrooms and roasted garlic filling white presentation bowls.  Everything, I mean every single bowl has a garnish to make even the savviest caterer swoon.

That is the goal.  The moment you open that refrigerator door, the light magically goes on and there before you is an array of fresh, colorful jars filled with juice, green onions cleaned and standing tall and perky in glasses of purified water.  A ceramic pitcher of amber-colored sun tea, just waiting to be splashed into a glass.  Everything in there has purpose.  It is not out of date.  The lids are not crusted with one month old condiment drippings.  Everything is worthy of your choice.

I remember growing up, a friend said, you can tell how a person keeps house by the crumbs in her butter dish.    Today, I can tell you how a person values themselves and their loved ones by what is inside their refrigerator.

Right this moment, our refrigerator has a white ceramic bowl of hard-boiled (colorful, free range, organic FRESH eggs I gathered), a big bowl of Quinoa, a big bowl of Four Bean Salad, an enormous bowl of Pineapple Fried rice and enough cut up fresh pineapple to make anyone who sticks their head in there want to have a sample.   There is also a container of Miso soup ready to indulge.  By the time you read this, there will be another big huge bowl of FRESH cut up Watermelon, just perfect for snacking.  I spy with my little eye, a bowl of  Lentils  that were cooked with gobs and gobs of garlic and onions and carrots…. oh my.

refrigerator salad 2I have friends who have big jars of Kimchi fermenting and just waiting for someone to dish up a few spoonfuls.  I have friends who have in their refrigerator, right this moment,  tomato cucumber salad marinating in pure goodness.

Are we going hiking?  No.  Are we chopping wood?  No, We are living our normal life.  We all want the same thing.  Food.  Fast.  Sure, sometimes, we all like to cook a wonderful meal that takes effort and time and thought and planning.  However, there are those times in life, EVERYDAY, where you want to build a lunch for tomorrow or sit down and have a big bowl of already to go, bowl of Quinoa.  We are supposed to be eating 5-6 meals  (not snacks) daily.  We need to have some “timber” available and ready to go.

By making the choice to prepare ahead and fill the refrigerator for you and your family, you are screaming to the world you are WORTH IT.   Heck make a big bowl of something amazing and divide it in half.  Trade with a neighbor or friend.  Ta Da…….you instantly have another worthy, beautiful, luscious choice available.  Make next Friday the salad trading day?!!! (lets all make this Friday, clean out & gussy up our own refrigerator day.  Fill it up people!)

You ask about waste.  What if I make this huge bowl and some doesn’t get eaten.  I say, WAY cheaper than buying fast food take out and paying for it and the medical bills to follow.

pineapple fried riceMake the effort to clean out and “pretty up” the “deli” counter in your home.  Make those shelves sparkle.  Cut up some vegetables and fruit to have ready.  Garnish !  I tell you, garnish that Asian dish with some wooden chop sticks.  Make a beautiful “tree” out of  a green onion for a lunch.  Make an effort.  You will be so happy you did.  The moment you see your spouse or kiddos, reach for fresh made goodness, you will secretly smile.

That moment around 8:30 pm when you need a little something…………you walk over, open that magical door and have to decide which glorious bowl looks better.  You will thank yourself.  You are so worth it.

Having the refrigerator well stocked with food that is worthy of your health and wellness is just good housekeeping.  I am worth it.  Are you?  What do you have waiting, garnished and looking gorgeous ready to dig into?  Do you have a potato or cole slaw salad just waiting to dig into?  Do you have a beautiful quiche just waiting?

A couple days ago a blogger wrote the following statement.  I adore how she phrased my thoughts exactly.

Go out and nourish your body so you have the energy to create the beauty in the world that you are meant to do. 

What is in your refrigerator?

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  1. Hi Daleen! I made greek green beans last night (remember that recipe I shared last year, with the beans in a tomato-ey sauce?) and the leftovers are in my fridge right now! Plus some greek yogurt and vanilla soy milk.
    Jim just got back from Myrtle Beach (a week of golfing!) and he asked me what I wanted. I said CHOCOLATE! So he brought me back some good fudge (that’s in there too!)-
    Thanks for being an inspiration to healthy living and eating!
    xo Joanne

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