happy days

I am one tired puppy today.  Not a real puppy, a tired, curly-haired girl with a smile on her face.   The kind of tired that makes you stretch like a 9-year-old cat, turning in a spot of sunshine.

Yesterday, I started my morning with four miles of biking in the fresh air.  I added some yoga stretching and time on the rebounder.  A quick run through the house with the vacuum.

sorcisThen off to a girlie, girl lunch.  Yes, I drove myself and arrived pretty close to on time.   The temperature was rising.  The food was delish and the company was perfect.  Perfect because we buy each other’s birthday lunch.  haha….. we celebrate together because we are May-baby birthday girls.  We traded birthday bags with colorful tissue with surprises tucked inside.  We bought each other the same lovely gift in a lovely store.  I tell you, SEEK out a new friend with the same birthday as yours.  Celebrating together makes your joy TWO TIMES as Sweet!!birthday bag

Then shopping.  Five stores.  No, in and out of cars.  Simple walking and talking and skipping from shop to shop.  Window shopping and buying goodies here and there. Goodies for us, our kiddos, cards for friends and family.  Oh and more chatting and smiling and laughing.   It wasn’t really the shopping that made me smile.  It was my health and wellness while shopping that made me smile.   I was smiling because my friend thought I could handle lunch and shopping and the heat and the laughter.

I think by the time, we headed home the thermometer read 92*.  Heat drains my energy sometimes.

Home to chop, chop, chop veggies to make a wonderful pineapple fried rice for a plate full of flavor for supper.  Then talking and talking.  Oh and feet up.

Cool shower and then to slip in between crisp sheets to dream the night away.

Doesn’t sound too tiring to you?  Sounds easy peasy?

It was the first time, in quite a while that I got to indulge. Not on vacation, no resting up before hand, nothing spectacular.  Just in my own neck of the woods, playing normal and healthy and just doing what other people do.  No different than anyone else.   I was lunching like other ladies.  I was shopping and rubbing elbows with lots of other people, oh and their germs.  I got to play like the big girls and go out and lunch and shop and laugh and giggle and seek out the perfect little goodie.

Mr. Right said all the right things.  Oh and one of the reason’s I call him Mr. Right?  He left some moolah on the counter…..he said a girl has to have lunch money.  🙂  He listened to me go on and on and on.  He nodded and smiled.  I am quite sure he wasn’t over the moon thrilled with listening about two girls shopping.

He was happy.  He was happy that he didn’t have to drive me.  He was happy because I could go out to lunch.  He was happy because I was healthy enough to go shopping for four hours.

When we fell asleep, holding hands, I think he could feel my Happy.

That’s what Sweet Dreams are made of.  Happy Days.


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