last supper

No, not that last supper.   No, not the one in prison either.  I read on-line, the most requested last meal from death row inmates was a steak dinner.  Really?  Do we the tax payers foot the bill  if they choose Alaskan King Crab, Kobe Beef, Maine Lobster and Black Forrest Cake from Germany, to be flown in to say, Arkansas?  Do they get a menu to choose from?  Or is it really their choice on what they would like for the last supper? Sometimes, my brain swirls and twirls and I think of these things.   Would you have Pop Tarts, Funyuns &  Doritos?  That food is going to kill you anyway.

This will give you nightmares……..Timothy McVeigh chose 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  Just yuck, the whole thing, the guy and the choice.  Gives me the creeps.

I read where Julia Child had requested, as her final meal,  French Onion soup.  She debated and thought about it quite a bit.  She decided that if made properly, the combination of deep layered broth, perfectly cooked onions, cheese and bread would be ideal as a last supper.  She was in her 90’s  and yes was served the meal before she passed on.  I would like to think she was happy with her choice.  Not too salty, bold with flavor, a touch of excellent cheese and the perfect chunk of artisan bread.

My last supper meal choice as been made.  (don’t you love it, when you figure out something and don’t have to worry about it every again?)   I am thinking I will be 92 or 93 and living in a fancy “hip” senior living resort.  I am saying resort, because I want to go swimming every single day.  I also would enjoy a lovely view when I have a daily Cappuccino.

Local Ocean signI have ordered this meal and enjoyed it five or six times, so I have really done my research.  Yes, that good.   Actually, we were there again a couple of days ago.  Birthday girls get to choose Birthday dinner!  We managed to get a table.  The view is breathtaking.  local ocean 4The service is both efficient and excellent.  The food is noteworthy.

And yet, it is a Fish Market.  Actually, when we thought about it…..three of our very favorite places to eat are first, Fish Markets and then they somehow have by necessity evolved into restaurants.  Apparently, we like our seafood fresh!

As we dined, we noticed a gal helping a man maneuver an empty 25 gallon container with a dollie through the back gate.  Less than 10 minutes later, they came back across the street.  The 25 gallon container was FILLED TO THE TOP with fresh caught Crab from one of the just docked boats.  He was pushing the dollie back through the gate to the restaurant kitchen.   It was a moment to remember.  We just sat and watched.  That is as FRESH as seafood gets.  We were so lucky to be dining there and to see that “behind the scenes magic” taking place. Local ocean crab cakes and frizzled onions

Local Oceans Seafoods & Bay Front Restaurant.

Located in Historic Newport, Oregon with view of the harbor and Yaquina Bay Bridge in the distance.

Roasted garlic soupRoasted Garlic & Dungeness Crab Soup  (creamy clam base, fresh herbs, Parmesan cheese)

Dungeness Crab Cakes  (they are light and the flavor melts in your mouth)

Fizzled Onions (crispy circles of goodness)


Do you have a last supper choice?  Have you researched it well?  Would you be so kind as to share?

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