a jaunty tip of the hat

DSCN4529For some odd reason, I feel like an 9-year-old boy who is digging in his heels about writing thank you notes.  I have a great selection of cards to choose from. There are plenty of postage stamps ready to use.

I was showered with amazing, lovely, cheerful, funny, delicious birthday gifts, cards & wishes.  I do indeed have oodles to be grateful for.

It is a divine feeling to be washed in Grace and Goodness.  Having so many people to thank is a blessing not a drudgery.  Somehow, I have decided that each note should be heart-felt and sincere.  Not just perfunctory.  I want them to have meaning.  I want to add stickers and maybe a picture from our trip.  I want the thank you card to feel almost like getting a gift.  I want to use words that convey, gratitude and happiness.  I am swirling ideas around and thinking of fancy Nancy words.  I want to use grown up snazzy words that express a GRATEFUL spirit. TY 2

I want to write the perfect note for the givers thoughtfulness.  Oh sure, I know that thank you cards have gone out of style.  A quick  thank you on face book seems to be more the normal venue now a days.  I don’t want to be normal.  I don’t want to slide under the radar.  I want to be genuinely grateful and gracious and share my happiness with the giver.

The moment the person opens my thank you card, I want them to “feel” the goodness.  Oh no, not like filling with confetti, that when you open the card and it all flutters, like in slow motion into the stove top…………………………….. don’t ask………………………………  I want them to feel…… like they were just given a hug and a jaunty tip of the hat for the thoughtful and kind gift.

The pressure is all from me.  There is no stern mother hovering over me telling me what is proper, use good penmanship, no….. young ladies don’t doodle on thank you cards……..  Yes, I am the proud owner of several well written books on etiquette.  I have attended  many “White Gloves and Party Manners” classes.  I even have lovely pens to choose from.  (between you and me, I prefer the $1.99 pack of 10 Black Bic pens)

pen 2Hey, remember those pens we all had in Junior High School?  It was rather chunky and had 10 different colors to choose from.  You somehow (magic)  clicked the button down and you instantly got a different colored ink.  I used up the cool mint green ink.  Gee, I wonder if anyone could actually see the cool mint green color on white paper?  Did anyone try to push down two of the pen colors at the same time?  I wanted to write with two colors at once.  Pink and Green.  It got sort of jammed up, so I panicked and pushed it back and never tried again.  Even I admit the yellow ink was hard to see.

Now that I think about it, my proper mother must have been exhausted.  So many, many rules.   I wonder why she didn’t just say, use whatever pen you want?  Just get the notes done.   Why so many rules?   Yes, I have an arsenal of valuable information that I have ingrained in my being.  Yes, I know the proper way to write a variety of notes.  Maybe it’s like having a very powerful car?  You don’t utilize all that power all the time, it just makes for a better running machine.  As much as I complain about the rules growing up, I am grateful for the resources.  I live my life by them.  They help guide me and give me comfort at times.  It is like a security blanket.  I do indeed know what to do and how to act in all sorts of situations.

We tried to teach our children that thank you notes were a gesture on their part.  A kind and considerate way to say thank you.  No, people will not disown you if you forget to write one.  It is just one small gesture that helps our civility.  It is a small act that helps define who we are.

Good Manners are appreciated as much as bad manners are abhorred.  B. McGill

I like adding stickers and doodles.  I like drawing arrows and stars and swirls.  I like slipping in a picture and writing a funny caption.

Thank you notes are indeed a lovely way to let the gift giver know how their kind and thoughtful gesture made you giddy with pure happy.

Pep talks to ones self are a good way to move forward.   Excuse me please, while I go find my snazzy pen.

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  1. SilverLinings61

    Let’s hear it for the lost art of thank you notes!!!!
    (I wonder if a certain young man let you and Mr. Right know how much he appreciated your kind and thoughtful congratulations card/gift?)

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