Christmas tree in May, (not so festive)

DSCN2921Each year we have a gorgeous fresh evergreen tree on our outdoor deck.  White lights and some bird seed balls. I even hung some bells made out of bird seed.    With a light dusting of snow, it is really picture perfect.

The calendar page is turned and come January 8 or 9th…. not so magical.  Somehow, what was  once breath-taking, lush, full and lovely just a few weeks before, now just looks sad and ready for the recycle bin.

DSCN4560I am trying my very best to be  knowledgeable and natural when it comes to raising chickens for their fresh eggs.  One way I keep bugs at bay, is with fresh herbs and plants.  I change out their bedding weekly.  I use cinder vinegar in their drinking water, I provide fresh straw, hang fresh herbs, make my own natural cleaner & sprinkle lavender around.  Smells lovely, calming (to lay better eggs) and in the colder months I line the laying boxes with evergreens for warmth.   We have several trees around, so it is rather easy to find my weekly branches.

DSCN4530Ah, back to the Christmas tree.  We kept it and have been cutting branch after branch each week.  A couple of days ago was the last of it.  We upcycled or recycled the tree for the chicks.   The timing was perfect.  The weather has turned warmer (for us, sorry Colorado).  We used the last tiny bit at the very top of the tree.  It sure has past it’s prime.   Time to move on.  Not quite as festive as it once was.

Unless there is some holiday tradition I don’t know about?    Some holiday, where the people celebrate with a 7 foot bare tree, with just the top couple of branches to decorate with?   Let me know and maybe next year, I can plan accordingly.


fa la la la la la la la DSCN4545

6 thoughts on “Christmas tree in May, (not so festive)

  1. I love this idea and will have to mention it to Jim. We do an artificial tree inside (my allergies!) but I’d love to have a real one in our mudroom or outside our back door!

  2. SilverLinings61

    Looks like firewood for a summer campfire…
    It is really lovely how you care for your girls!
    Seasons Greetings

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