look for happy

bread peddler 3Don’t you just love those little moments in the day that make you giddy with delight?  The moment the phone rings and you see the name and you all but clap your hands together in glee.  You know the caller is the bearer of great news?   The moment when your friend drives into your driveway, and you are bubbling over with happy as you recognize her car?   That very moment when you hear/feel the dog’s tail swishing against your bed to say good morning, even before you open your eyes?  You smile before you do anything else.  look for happy.

Even when it doesn’t happen to me.  I look for happy in others.  We gather joy just by sharing in others goodness.

That moment when your seasoned, tough, rough, gruff,  Sargent Major of a brother-in-law calls and uses a word like “bubbly”.  One of the best phone calls of my life.  Yes, I am giddy with happy.   I adore that they shared their happy.  Sometimes, you don’t have to look very far, happy bops you on the head.

Yesterday a  friend and I were lucky enough to spend the day together.  Of course we stopped at “our” place to enjoy lunch.  The Bread Peddler is an amazing establishment.  The French food is so jam-packed with flavor and the breads and pastries are delicate with just a hint of European flare that you wish you could eat there three or four times a week.  I am beyond grateful and thankful that we got to enjoy another meal there.  I am healthy enough to go to lunch and enjoy every ounce of goodness.  bread peddler 4

The folks that work there are intelligent, informed and friendly.  By the time we stopped in for a late lunch, read that as 1:45 pm.  Those bakers were just about ready to call it a day.  To get that bread baked and on the shelves, their day must have started at 3 in the morning.  Oh, and we do APPRECIATE it very much.

The floor.  The well-worn dark wood.  Oh, it makes me smile.  Yesterday, I looked down and saw my shocking pink tootsies peeking out of my bling covered sandals, resting atop that gorgeous wide planked floor.  I actually think the smell of bread and goodness baking has woven its way into the grain of all the wood.  look for happy.

bread peddler 2Besides a window seat, amazing food, delightful company and a treat for no special reason………….one of those little moments of goodness happened.  If you are not watching and looking for them, you might miss it.

As we were eating and laughing and talking and eating some more, just outside the window were some outdoor tables and chairs.  We happen to notice one of the workers from the bakery was taking their break.  He sat down with a lovely plate full of lunch.  The SAME lunch as we were enjoying.   look for happy.

Our daughter in law, started her new job (they are so lucky to have her).  look for happy.

The grandgirlies new play group is located right on campus & they all love it.  look for happy.

A friend accomplished her goal of hiking out of the Grand Canyon.  look for happy.

Mr. Right left a delightful card on my computer this morning.  look for happy.

A friend’s husband interviewed and was offered a new job.  look for happy.

A gorgeous yellow rose bud brought by a friend.  look for happy.

I am meeting a new quilting friend today.  I am looking for happy.

Laundry and chores are done for the day, dinner plans are decided.  look for happy.

Don’t you just love it when a worker from the bakery you are eating in,  sits down and devours the same food as you have ordered?  He obviously knows a good thing when he smells, sees and sells it.   Makes me swing my legs and smile while I finish my lunch.   look for happy.

When you look for happy, you find it.  Enormous and life changing or small and sweet,  happy surrounds us, we just have to seek it out.

Bon Appetit!

2 thoughts on “look for happy

  1. Happy…Text message from son living in the Philippines. He is well, and HAPPY.
    Happy…Making more laundry soap, doing good things for my family.
    Happy…Big puffy white clouds against a bright blue sky.
    Happy…Watching the internal healing of one of our young veterans begin to happen, so happy for him and his family.
    Happy…New employment for my Forever.
    Happy…Short term trip to the Philippines for another beautiful child.
    Happy…Really breathing again.
    Happy… 😀

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