plan B

white riceDid you know if you put washed rice in a rice cooker, forget to push the “cook” button then go take a bubble bath for an hour, that the rice actually does not cook?  It looks pretty much exactly like it did when you put it in there.

Plan B, make smoked salmon omelets  for dinner and the rice is all ready to go for fried rice tonight.

Did you know that if you put too much onion and garlic into a raw soup while trying to swallow, it feels like it is burning your throat and has a horrid bite to it?  raw soup

Plan B, Saturday’s lunch was tossed and fresh made, healthy, delicious, happy smoothies were lunch instead.

Of course I share all the “wins” of  my days on my blog.  My blog, I can direct the happy level.  I don’t show you the quilt block piece that was cut 1/2″ too short.  I don’t share about the luke warm cup of coffee that was so weak, it tasted like warm brown water.  I don’t show you the birthday wrapping paper that was cut 1 inch too small.  ugh  No one wants to read about the grumbles of the day.

I find it weird and unnatural to constantly read “wins” on social media.  Sort of reminds me of the old soda advertisements.  Ever notice how every one is dancing and jumping and smiling all because they drank a soda?  They have friends and all look like they are having the time of their lives.  All because of a brand of soda.  You never see anyone spill soda on their new white shirt.  Sometimes, it seems like social media (an oxymoron if there ever was one), paints the picture that everyone bakes the perfect scone, has the perfect dress to wear to a cousin’s wedding and finds the best, out-of-the-way place to eat.

Don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes, I like seeing all those perfect smiles and perfect scones (guess those folks, never put a tray full in the oven and the phone rings, you forget to set the timer and by the time you smell the overly toasty smell of the severely baked scone it is too late?  I am just making that up for writing purposes).  I just have a feeling that there are a whole lot of slightly overdone scones and under cooked rice not spoken of.

I heard a comedian once talk about aliens coming to our planet and looking at our photo albums.  All smiling people, usually with a big cake in front of them and boxes wrapped in colorful paper.  And trees.  Oh the trees with lights and stacked around the tree, more boxes wrapped with colorful paper.  And sunsets, a million and one sunsets.  I guess because they don’t move around, we all can eventually take a good sunset picture?   Now, with digital cameras, the pictures that we print, are even more perfect than in the past.  Is there a photo album out there that has the not so perfect shots?  Those shots are the ones that make me laugh.  Those snapshots evoke the most chatter.  In the olden days, film was expensive.  If you paid to have the pictures printed, by golly you were saving them.

In this day and age of gift card giving, you never see kids having to learn to be gracious for the hand knit, scratchy, brown, green and gold slippers from their grandma.  They never have to open a graduation gift of a crystal vase.  Oh, thank you so much neighbor lady.  That crystal vase will look so pretty in my dorm room at college.  I will use it and think of you often.  They never have to receive an eye-glass holder and they never receive a duplicate of a board game and have to figure out who to give that to.    They would prefer a gift card or cash to choose what they want.  I think in this instance, they like having a Plan B.  They want to skip returning the item and just get what they want to begin with.

I sort of like Plan B.  In a very weird way, if I am out of perfectly matched ribbon for a gift, having to improvise and use feathers and burlap ribbon sometimes ends up being a bit more jaunty than the traditional matching ribbon.  Plan B gets my creative juices flowing.  Plan B makes me dig a little deeper and figure it out.

When my cousin wanted a huge bouquet for an outdoor buffet table, I used apples from a tree in her yard and some greens from an artichoke plant.  By using what she had on hand for the main flowers we  received  more compliments than we would have if we  had used 12  store-bought 1970’s looking  dyed carnations.

Now that I am more “seasoned” I don’t have a fit and fall into it when something goofy happens.  I am more bendy.  I can go with the flow a bit more gracefully.  I sort of like Plan B.  Plan B is way more fun and interesting.

crystal vase34 years ago this month, I graduated High School.  Today, as I type, I am looking at a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers Mr. Right gave me.  I am using the crystal vase the neighbor lady gave me.  I am so thankful I didn’t receive a gift card.  Sometimes, Plan A works out just dandy.

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  1. Kathie

    Hooray for Plan B. It gives us all a little push to the edgier side. You my friend are well on your way!!

  2. Love that crystal vase. What a great neighbour lady. My husband gave me a lovely crystal vase, a little like that. I broke it by washing it in water that was too hot. 😦

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