by the numbers

Brrrr, it is a gray,cloudy, chilly windy fall day here in the Pacific Northwest.  Strike that, it is June 4th.  Spring is in the air.  Fresh strawberries are gracing our table daily.  A chilly, gray day is the perfect day to do a little yard work, a little housework, a little business and then find my way into the sewing room.

I bike at least four miles every day.  When the sunshine is out in all her glory, I move my bike outdoors and bike on the deck, drinking in the vitamin D.

DSCN4680This is my view today.  I  looked out through the sliding glass door.  This year, I chose purple to grace our deck.  Makes me smile.  Lime green and touches of white here and there, but mainly purple.  Makes me breathe deeper and find peace.

Peace and quiet…… and a chicken…………..notice Ginger, photo bombing the picture?  geesh, those girls love to sneak into pictures.  ha  Where’s Ginger?

A friend asked what the numbers mean on some of my flower pots and buckets.  Those are the birthdays of our  2 grandgirlies.  We get to paint anotherDSCN4688 number soon.  Grandson number 1 is headed our way!   Every single time I spy those numbers I smile.  If some day, I start to loose my mind all I have to do is go out on the deck to figure out when their birthday’s are.

I have one flower bucket with an 82 painted on it.  Our anniversary.

The flowers and vines fall over the edges and sometimes cover up the numbers.  Then when I move them or trim the curly vines I  spy those numbers and smile all over again.

That butterfly bath is one of the last things my father gave to me.  I really enjoy it.  Actually, I have never seen a butterfly taking a bath there.  I have seen oodles of birds stopping by to take a drink and bathe.  I have seen squirrels drink from it.  Lately, I have spotted two sassy chickens walking up to it, indulging in a drink.  Still waiting for the elusive butterfly.  It’s a pretty good show, while I wait.

I have a pretty good life.  I like to remind myself  just how lucky & grateful I am on a daily basis.  Seeing those numbers helps me count my blessings.


Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.  Luke 12:7


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  1. Kathie

    Love your idea about the “numbers”. We will have a number on everything when we get to our sassy beach home. Those kids will be shaking their heads while stenciling away 🙂

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