change trumps fear

Thanks to Mr. David Bowie, I have a song looping over and over in my mind.  It started about 5:30 pm last night and  I woke up in the shower, this morning, humming the song.

ch ch ch ch changes……………………turn and face the stranger………..strange fascination, fascinating me

Change is tough, no doubt about it.  Change is hard for every single person.  change 2

Today, please join me in lifting up in celebration, a friend’s daughter in law.  Five years clean and sober. Today.  Period.  That good.  That difficult.   That amazing.  That is a LOT of change.  That is hard work and a million steps in the right direction.   Makes me giddy thinking of her.  So dang proud of her and her choices.   She focused every bit of her energy on building the new.

change 1We all experience change, sometimes, we go kicking and screaming and other times we gracefully accept the newness and dance through the flames.  Often times, we  grumble and draw a line in the sand.  Somehow the sand shifts and we are willing to change even more than we thought possible.

When we open a fortune cookie we are all anxious and excited to see what changes our future holds.  We look at that tiny slip of paper with glee and a hopeful heart.  I think maybe we need to pass out more fortune cookies.  That word HOPE seems to be laced up tightly with the word change.

It has been about 1 year and 5 months since I changed my life.

I mean, hold on to your Easter bonnet and buckle up CH CH CH CH CHANGES! 

I no longer eat sugar.

I no longer eat  processed foods.

I have new friends.

I no longer have a daily latte.

I drink four glasses of fresh juice daily.

I changed my laundry soap, hand soap, shampoo, lotions, potions and bath products.

I no longer eat dairy.

I have changed every bit of my make up.  Even brands I have used since I was 15 years old.  gone.

I have changed all the plastics in our home.

I have changed the type of linens we use.  The curtains we have.

We no longer have electronics in our bedroom.

We don’t have the electronic alarm clock beside our bed. (it was in the same place for 30+ years, no matter where we lived)

We have a new sofa.

New chairs.

We have a new waffle maker.

chaNGE 6We have a new BlendTec.

We donated 8 boxes of books.

We have new books.

We have a new sieve.

I have better connections with old friends.

I have changed the water I drink and the amount.

I have given up some “friends”.

I no longer touch receipts.

I make wiser choices.

I bike four miles a day.  I rebound daily.

I take 50+ supplements and vitamins.

I change the oils we use.

I no longer eat gluten.

I choose to get 30 minutes of sunshine daily (if it is shining).

I write better thank you notes.

I have de-cluttered my life.

We have a new television.  New remotes to learn.

I wear different size clothing.

I don’t have a comfy pair of old jeans.

I research and study one hour a day.

In the span of four years, we will have three grandchildren!  Some changes are AMAZINGLY GREAT!

We eat real salt.

I breathe deeply and often.

I sleep 8-9 hours a day.

I read every label that comes into our home.

I tend chickens who lay fresh natural eggs.

I use a salt lamp and full spectrum lighting.

I eat whole foods, mainly plants.

I eat salads.

I have a new phone.  (I grumbled over this change)

I spend more time sewing and creating.

I have better, fuller hair.

I have a glow of orange to my skin from eating so many carrots.

I have better balance.  Literally and over all in my life.

While attending church a few years back, we were asked to pray for “Mary Smith”.  Her husband would be going into the hospital over night and in 53 years of marriage, she had never slept alone in their home.  Change.  My goodness, small thing to some, huge for her.  It was tough.

When we stay at a fancy schmancy hotel and the bathroom shower nozzle is “different” or the shower door is just a small panel of glass that doesn’t move……… really doesn’t throw me for a loop.  When we rent a car while on vacation, learning to push a button and not use a key is different, but not earth shattering.

Oh sure, small things still ruffle my feathers now and then.  Overall, everything changes.  We just need to make the choice to bend gracefully with the changes.  change 4

To our friend who is clean and sober…’s to you and your whole new set of friends and daily life.  Life is so much better sure, just getting there was an amazing fete.  Every little choice was a change for the better, yet equally tough.

Change is hard.

The whole thing about healing and wellness is changing what got me in a pickle in the first place.


I am grateful that Mr. Right is along for the ride.  He is helping me change.  He is changing with me.  Even though he didn’t have to, he is making the same changes I am.

We are in this together.  Let’s not forget to help each other gracefully accept change.  No matter how small.

I lift my glass of fresh green juice up in celebration!  Here’s to change and gracefully accepting everything new and different.  We can do this.  Not just do it because we are forced to, change because it will make us live up to the person we were meant to be.  Sassy, spirited, joy filled, loving, smart, kind people.

ch ch ch ch changes…………………….



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  1. Julia Hill

    I celebrate all those amazing and sometimes difficult changes you have made on your path to ultimate wellness. Kudos!

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