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Picture this, the horror of horrors, two teenage girls walk into their long-awaited prom, wearing the exact same aqua colored chiffon gown.  URGH.  How can they go on?  Oh my goodness?  What’s a girl to do? They both end up having a not so terrific time, teary eyed and deflated.

Picture this, two business men come into work wearing the same color suit, white shirt and very similar ties.   They high-five each other and tell each other what great taste the other has.  They end up smiling for the next five minutes.

MIKE-monsters-inc-4207219-1024-768I adore the monster Mike, on Monsters Inc.  No matter what befalls Mike, he always has a positive, uplifting way of looking at each situation.  Even if it is the worst you can imagine, Mike comes through.  He lives his life grateful and thankful for even a sliver of pure goodness.  I want to be like Mike.   Sure Pollyanna at the worst of times, so what?  What’s wrong with always thinking of the good?

Picture this, Saturday afternoon while doing our errands, Mr. Right and I (dressed in a cute and sassy preppy way, smiling and be bopping along)  walked into the library.  You know the drill.  Drop off a bag full and fill the bag so full the boyfriend has to carry it back out to the car.

Just as we walked in, there happened to be a lecture letting out.  The announcement board read:  Downtown Abby.  Oodles and I do mean oodles of fans were pouring out of the classroom.  There were groups of women talking and smiling.  There were folks waiting to meet their spouses.  Off to the side, waiting patiently,  there was a very smartly dressed, dapper, gentleman about 85 years old.  He was waiting for his (I am guessing) wife.  Perfect posture, ironed dress shirt &  khaki pants, highly polished shoes.  WAIT!

His shoes.  While yes, perfectly polished…………..….they were the EXACT SHOES I had on my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You KNOW I ADORE my penny loafers.  I have had a pair of them for a long time.  I have had a couple re-soled. The cobbler has put new heels on some.    I have purchased a new pair in the last couple of years.  I have a Canadian penny in one and an American penny in the other. Yes indeed, my two cents. The coins were switched out in the year 2000.  I wanted brand new pennies for my shoes.  I love my penny loafers so much, I want to wear them every day I can’t wear bling covered flip-flops or cowgirl boots.  If I could only keep five pairs of shoes, they most definitely make the list.

It never fails, I always get compliments on my penny loafers.  When people don’t know what to say, they always have a comment about Penny Loafers in their lives.  Strangers, men and women have talked about my loafers in elevators, in the grocery store, during medical appointments, in a museum.  Everyone has a loafer story it seems.

penny loaferMy boyfriend, polishes my loafers so they gleam.   I love wearing penny loafers barefoot with cuffed, ironed jeans and a white blouse. I love the navy blue cardigan I wear or sometimes tie over my shoulders.  I love wearing a string of pearls, almost always.  I love wearing my Penny Loafers with my wild geometric black and white skinny pants.  I love wearing those loafers on a run to the grocery store, the feed store, the library, a friend’s house to drop off something, the dry cleaners, the vegetable stand.

I love wearing those shoes. They are so comfortable and such a classic they have withstood the test of time.

The girl inside me wanted to SCREAM, really………………….REALLY?  An 85-year-old man has the exact fashion sense as I do?

The polite, well-mannered girl  in me, smiled and said hello.

Inside I was thinking classic, traditional, excellent quality &  taste.

The shoe lover in me was thinking, oh my stars, this is going on my blog.  I KNEW it.  A classic, never goes out of style.

A jaunty tip of the imaginary hat to you sir!

What shoes are you wearing today?

Me?  Oh, I think you know what I am wearing.




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  1. I have a pair of black leather penny loafers that I have had for 22 years and the still look like new! Yes, they are my favorites! No one ever believes that they are 22 years old! I remember buying them at Feddies the first year we lived in Vancouver! Best $22 (on sale) shoes I have ever owned! Thanks for the story, made my day! Love ya Girlie!


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