Lunch is served

Washington girl moves to Germany.  During a quilt guild meeting,  girl makes a new friend from Puerto Rico.  Washington girl’s world is changed for ever.   Twenty years later, friends end up living in the same state.

“New” friend is a remarkable quilter, take your breath away handiwork, color and pattern choices.  Her knitting skills are masterful. I have never in my life seen better.  Not just blue ribbon good, she is the level of knitter that judges who is awarded the blue ribbon.  She is a smarty pants with a sharp, lightening quick wit that always makes me pay attention and soak it in and laugh.   I recently sent her a note.  I wrote, “You inspire“.  That describes how I feel about her, perfectly.

She values her family and herself so much, she has taken extraordinary measures to cook & serve excellent quality real food.  She grows food.  She makes sure every single day she is exercising.

Here’s the thing, when you are lucky enough to have someone in your life that is head and shoulders above the crowd, sassy and inspiring……… a smarty pants and listen.  

I didn’t grow up with a palette outside of the traditional, middle class, Caucasian set.

I had to learn to cook rice.  She didn’t make fun of me.  She explained it, answered my questions and guess what?  I can actually make a delicious pan of rice anytime I want.

Last week, I asked what is a tomatillo?   She didn’t laugh.  She explained it, she offered a suggestion or two and off I went.

tomatillo 1Side note:  Tomatillos are small, round, green fruits resembling little tomatoes bearing a papery outer covering.  They are from the nightshade family, related to the gooseberry.  Tart and packed with Vitamin C & K.   tomatillo 2

I am grateful that my food palette is bursting with color and flavor.  I am grateful that my friends add so much color and flavor and sass to my world.  You can tell by the color and flavor of my plate. just how lucky and grateful I am.

Here is the salad recipe she shared.  In the past, I have made something similar, however with the addition of the salty black olives and the bright, tart tomatillos this salad will rock your Saturday afternoon.  So good, filling, lush and so packed with bright flavor and color, you will be so glad you gave it a try.

Say Grace for having diverse and amazing friends.  I am thankful and grateful to live in a swirl of color and goodness.

Avocado Salad

 (easy, quick, mouth-watering, bursting with flavor and color)

Toss together:  chopped avocados, black olives, onions, garlic, tomatillos, tomatoes, black beans, cilantro, S & P, and some fresh lime juice.

 Serve with chips, rice or stuff into a wrap and make a burrito.


Painted on our wall in our family room is this quote,

” Mankind will endure when the world appreciates the logic of diversity.”  

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