thankful Friday

What if you woke up today and only had the things you thanked God for yesterday? 

I saw that question on face book this morning.  Yipes.  Quick, let’s review.

Good news, bad news.  I live my life purposefully with gratitude.  So in the good news department, I am covered.  I am every single day of my life, sincerely and heartfelt thankful for Mr. Right.  I am thankful for our four adult children and three grands.  I am mighty thankful for my family in Vermont.  I gave thanks for my health. I gave thanks for the healing sunshine.  I am thankful on a daily basis for my freedom.   I am thankful for our dog, Sweet Liberty. DSCN4798 I gave special thanks for four girlfriends who made my day so much sweeter.  I was pretty gosh darn thankful for a phone call from a girlfriend.

DSCN4821Here’s where it takes a turn.  I usually give thanks at the end of the day.  So, if I am a tad bit sleepy-eyed, um, I may wrap things up a bit too quickly. I gave a sigh of pure goodness and said thanks for the amazing cozy pillow and extreme feather filled  duvet .  Okay, so I threw in a great big heap of thanks for the Watermelon colored toe nail polish by Essie that turned out so pretty. Then, when I sat down on the edge of the bed, I spied in my closet the weird green colored shrug that had slipped off the hanger.  I had been searching for the little sweater and instantly thanked God I found it.

So that is about it.  In the bad news department, I forgot to say thanks for our home, our car, our food, our chickens, all our nice things, all our other friends & family,  my vitamins & supplements, my rebounder, my bikes, & fresh air. I forgot to say thanks for clothes, regular clothes and a dining room table and a nice bed and shoes.

So let’s sum up, yes, I have my family and four girlfriends.  I have a dog and some sunshine and my freedom.  I have some watermelon colored toenails (with a sassy sparkle top coat) and a weird colored green shrug.   I have a pillow and a duvet.

Maybe no one will notice I am only wearing a weird green colored shrug because of my sparkly toenails? thankful 3

2 thoughts on “thankful Friday

  1. Jan

    Geesh. This really made me stop and think. I guess I’m pretty intermittent with my gratitude. Wednesday I would have been covered for almost everything. Yesterday. …. let’s just say I would have woken up this morning with very little.

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