don’t worry, be happy

20140629_194333Summer has some lazy moments hidden just for you to find.

The boyfriend bought me a package of the new ink joy pens.

Paper-mate $3.77.  Get some.  Get some happy.

Doodle for no reason.

Doodle to be happy.

Need a gift to mail to a favorite niece or a favorite grandkiddo?  Do you want to make a girlfriend smile?  Pop them in a padded envelope and send some good karma out into the universe.  Buy a package for the neighbor kid.  Buy a package for your sullen teenager.  Turn off the video game and hand over some white paper and some pens.  Watch the imagination fall out of their brains and find its way onto the paper.   Skip the latte and spend the moola on a brand new package of gel pens just for you!

Buy yourself some new doodle toys.  papermate, inkjoy

Let your mind swirl.  Make some happy.

No, I was not paid to say this.

I love having ink on my fingers.  Evidence of time spent doodling.

Do something creative every single day.

Grateful my boyfriend knows what will make this girl tie her hair up and turn up the music and doodle.

Makes for a happy girlfriend.

When was the last time you spent some time doodling?  It’s good for your spirit and soul.

We all need some do nothing time.

Time well spent.



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