say cheese

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that it happened.

That moment in life, when you are old enough and your children are old enough, that they would appreciate receiving a picture of dear old Mom & Dad.

20140627_163234 (1)A friend snapped a couple of shots of us last Friday night, before a wedding.

We look happy. (maybe because we are HAPPY, ha)  We clean up okay. We are not in our lawn mowing clothes.   I have on a fresh summer dress.  My shoes were not pinching yet.  My clip on earrings didn’t have a heart beat of their own yet.  I hadn’t yet fished in my evening bag and taken out the beautiful hair clip to tame back my curls.

Yesterday, I had some pictures printed.  I paused and thought, do the kids want a copy of this?  Actually, yes, yes they do.

While attending High School, I think they would agree they saw enough of our mugs.  ha.  Once off to college, I am not sure they would have relished the idea of putting up a nicely frame portrait of their parental units.  Most likely, they were pretending that they didn’t have parents and were all grown up and doing fine without parents.

I think the time is right.  No, they probably won’t put our picture on a dart board.  Nor do I think they would be embarrassed if their friends saw the snap shot.

Also, when it has been way too long since we have received a picture of them, I can say, hey, we just sent you one of us.  Please share one of you. 20140627_163723

The suit and shirt are at the dry cleaners.  The borrowed purse is returned.  The cuff links are put back and the shoes are wiped off and polished and ready for the next outing.

Hey kids, the picture is in the mail.

Love Dad & Mom

ps. oh my stars, really fine quality cheese sounds amazing right now.


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