cheers to the birthday girl

birthday bouquetTwo of the best people in my life are my daughter in-laws.    They are a pleasure to be around.  They make my life better just by being in it.

Today we celebrate one  of those girls birthdays.  She is creative and thoughtful.  Kind and considerate.  Fun and has a wicked sense of humor.  She is over the moon intelligent, an amazing, kind and insightful mom and the perfect wife for our oldest son.    She can cook like nobody’s business.  Sure she is a chef by profession.  By oh, Lordy, she is amazing in the kitchen.  Even food I never thought I would like, she has this special gift or secret spell she casts and by golly I love everything.  To the point of asking for seconds and taking some home.  (I know rude, uh?  I can’t help it.)

Even though she is pulled in many directions by husband, two little adorable Sweet Southern Belles, her students, the faculty she works with, her sisters, her family, her friends…………….she makes you feel as though you are the most important person to her at that moment in time.  She brings out the best in people.  Her glass always seems to be half full and she will gladly share that half with you.

She is one of the reasons I am such a good mother in law.  She makes it easy to like her.  Really, really like her.   The moment you meet her, you know in an instant she is honest and charming and someone you would want to hang out with for a cool, funky lunch.  Someone you want to take a class with, bead a bracelet with, or take a walk near the beach.  I love watching her be a mom.  She is patient and understanding and has a very kind spirit.  I love the part about her that can’t stop giggling over something one or the other short person did.

My mother in law never liked me.  Nope, not from day one.  It was a struggle that I was never, ever going to over come.  It is just the way it was.  She did me the biggest favor of my life.  Because of her, I am one of the best Mother in Law’s across the land!  No question.

Every single day of my life I am grateful for the two daughter in-laws in my life.

Today,  just happens to be a day we lift up our glasses of green juice and toast one of those amazing women!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Gabrielle Wilson.  You make the world a bit sassier just by being you.  I for one am very grateful.

happy birthday


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  1. Gabi

    Awwww, gee thanks! I couldn’t have asked for a better family to marry into. I have enjoyed being a Wilson since day one and certainly looked forward to it from that first date/meet the parents back in October of 2001! 💗

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