flip flop my attitude

Saturday, I dashed into the fabric store to pick up some buttons.  My brisk pace, slowed ever so slightly as I saw some employees stocking the shelves with autumnal decor and  whatnot’s. My step faltered  for the briefest of moments.  I got a giddy feeling in my stomach.  I continued on.  The calendar says it is July 8th and  I am still picking up burnt ends and spent bottle rockets from my backyard, there is NO WAY that I can be politically correct and voice my opinion that Fall is my all time favorite season.

In my attempt to shake off the Negative Nellie attitude, I am listing 17 things I like about my fourth favorite season, summer.

DSCN0963wearing flip-flops

summer reading

biking outdoors 


cross stitching outdoors

roasted corn on the cobcorn on the cob

going barefoot

star fish hanging from our dining room light

Sunday drives 

short hikes

fresh berries 

wearing loafers with no socks

fireworksawe-inspiring fireworks display 

grilled vegetables


walking on the beach

soaking up sunshine

This is probably where I should type, catching fire flies.  However, when living in Oklahoma, spying a fire fly, I climbed up on a short brick wall, reached out to grab it to show the boys.  At that exact moment, I grabbed the post, my ring caught on a rusty nail…………….fill in the blank……………..damaged finger, bent ring…missed by “this much” capturing the elusive bright fly.

Here’s to a happy, carefree summer day of pure goodness.  If I string enough happy days together, the end result is a happy, carefree spectacular summer.  Fingers crossed.

  What’s your story?

Every Summer has a story. 


6 thoughts on “flip flop my attitude

  1. Summer used to be my favorite season and though I still love it, age has dampened my love of hot weather! My sister just left after a whole week’s visit. My cousin is here from NY with her daughter so it’s another week of family dinners and inexpensive activities. And I’m over due for a blog post.
    But I love these long days, the gorgeous flowers and the plants that have promise in the garden. I’m glad it’s only early July. I want to savor the days. 🙂

  2. My list of summer favorites would have to include enjoying long, sunlit evenings with my friends and family. Longer days feel like I have a little extra free time. Gotta love that!

    I hope your finger wasn’t hurt too badly! That sounds terrible!

  3. 6ncounting

    ​I love the fall and can hardly wait for it to get here. OH GOODNESS!!!! You are the first to hear this….as I was reading your blog and thinking about fall… I know why I love it so much. Why I loved going back to school. Was I one of the smarter cookies in the cookie jar? YEP, I was. I love to read, I love to learn, I love to investigate but none of that is the reason I love the fall.

    Are you ready for this….

    I love the fall and going back to school because….

    I could get away from my very abusive (you know, the yucky kind) grandfather​. Every single summer of my life he was there. AND in the fall I escaped. What freeing knowledge. I mean I have been free from him and his evil stupidity for a very long time but to have an ” ah ha” moment now is fantastic. See I can continue to take back every single day, and season. They all belong to me!!! 🙂

    OH, this fall is going to be even better!! And so is the rest of this summer…talk about a wild way to end my afternoon. Freeing!! Very freeing…thanks for writing your blog about summer and fall.

    The things God will use to set a person free.

    Thank you!!

    ~ Carmen

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