Sweet Home Alabama

DSCN1027In the beginning there was color.  I was drawn to the oranges and patterns printed on those inspiring swatches of fabric.  I found jelly fish, hedgehogs, paper clips, numbers and commas.  I over use the comma.  I fell in love when I spied commas printed on fabric.

Then I had to find a way to line them up and give them some type of order and somehow pleasing to the eye.  I found some aqua that would give my eye a rest from all that juicy orange.

The more I danced with the colors, the more I wanted to button it all together with buttons of course. DSCN1026

One afternoon, a quick, off the cuff comment “oh, I love those colors” directed my path.

That afternoon, the quilt name was born.  Sweet Home Alabama was to become a house-warming gift for part of our family.  I sewed and ironed and re-arranged over and over.

Ah, thanks  Lynyrd Skynyrd……………….Sweet Home Alabama, Where the skies are so blue, Sweet Home Alabama, Lord, I’m coming home to you.   Now that is a welcome to Alabama song for sure.

I found a new to me, machine quilter.  Connie who does amazing and wonderful work, was originally from Alabama.  She moved to Washington.  The quilt was born here, machine quilted in her studio,  then sent back to her home state. Our collaboration was meant to be.

I drew a beautiful Magnolia flower on the label.

No, I was not thrilled that part of our family moved to Alabama.  However, when you hear them talk about their new home, you know it was a gift.  I wanted to send them with love and pure goodness.  I wanted a splash of color to warm their hearts and souls and new home.

DSCN4789D,G,Z and A ……..may your sweet home be filled with laughter (belly laughs), great food, prosperity and may you bathe in the Grace of  pure family goodness.

No matter where you roam, you are loved and of value.  I hope the wall hanging reminds you of that every single day.

Love, Mom

ps.  in the beginning, there was color and it was good.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama

    1. me too!
      When 3 year old Zoe was here, one afternoon I was sitting on the sofa and she said, “Grandma, I don’t like your pants”.
      The pants were orange with little white polka dots.
      I giggled uncomfortably and let it go.
      About four hours later, she was leaving to go home. She hugged and kissed me and said, “I thought more, and I still don’t like your pants.”
      Thanks for being my friend that LIKES orange.

      1. That is really funny!
        I was not a fan of orange until I did that last event with orange overlays on the tables, and the paper lanterns of orange, turquoise and lime. It was just stunning and I have a whole new opinion of orange. 😉

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