new again

33 years ago, I needed a changing table.  The tables we found seemed rather shaky.  No, there was not a Babies R Us around the corner.

Then we discovered an unfinished furniture store.  I found the solution.  I found a dresser with a little edge that I could paint and put a padded (later learned water-resistant fabric) cushion on.   So for a few years, I changed babies on that “changing table”.

It started out white with baby decals.  Dang.  No picture.  You see kids, 33 years ago, I didn’t have a cell phone with a fancy schmancy camera built-in.  I actually didn’t give one thought about , HEY, I should take pictures of where I change this fussy, crying, upset, not happy, I mean passionate baby.

Then baby number two arrived on the scene.  Before he made his debut, I painted the changing table yellow.  You see kids, back 30 some years ago, most of us didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl.  So yellow paint it was.    Yellow paint with stenciled hot air balloons painted on each drawer.

Somewhere along the way, my “babies” are both now well over 6 feet tall.  I am pretty sure, I could not lift them up on top of said changing table.  Nor do I think they would fit up there.

20140705_100253That changing table morphed into a dresser.  Seven moves later and multiple coats of paint…………I will admit it was looking rather sad.  Somehow what I thought was a beautiful raspberry color, really wasn’t that beautiful after all.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?20140706_173107

The time had come to either say good-bye or get a face lift.  The dresser not me.  ha

So I give you the before and the after.  Oh, I love a good before and after.  I wish I could remember to take a “before” shot , sigh.  The before all sad, dinged up, dull, not gussied up with accessories. Old Lamp, just before she went to Goodwill.    The new & improved ( I know you can’t have both.  Did you hear that product marketers?  You can not have new AND improved.), after version.    New hardware, better lighting, new lamp, Golly Molly, looks to me like we can live together in harmony for at least another 30 years.

Every barn can use a little paint now and then.

Nest up, the guest room chair.  Fingers crossed I can remember to take a “before” picture.




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