jingle, jingle, jingle

DSCN4994You know every single time I sew a little dress or jumper, I stitch a jingle bell inside.  Those grands love to swirl and twirl and make that bell jingle.

While making three, (yes, by Christmas we will have THREE GRANDS) elephants…I had to figure out the jingle.  The most important secret step.  While filling the elephant bodies out with lavender and stuffing, I tossed in a jingle bell.

What happened?  not much. sad face.  The stuffing actually muffles the jingle.

Put on thinking cap.  (read that as search the internet for ideas)

Came up with a terrific solution.

20140716_172438Steal 3 practice plastic golf balls from someone.  Oh, thanks Papa Bruce.

Cut open, insert jingle bell.  Stuff into elephant.

It worked!!!

Three elephants, with a little sassy jingle.  Three books to go with.  Book written by Grandma, illustrated by Papa.

“everyone knows, elephants don’t eat peanuts”

Love how this Christmas in July thing is shaping up.  I adore the polka dots.  I swoon over the red tails.

Certainly puts a jingle in my step.  This is pure and simple, HAPPY.

What are you making for Christmas in July?  Won’t it be fun to open up that box in mid November and have a few things already to go?

3 thoughts on “jingle, jingle, jingle

  1. Ha!! Those little elephants are sooo cute!! I am sure they will make some grands shriek with joy! And a story to go with, fun enough to make those little elephants come alive. I wonderful if there is another story waiting in the wings to join all the fun. 🙂

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