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The Wedding PlannerJoleen, the bride in this picture will celebrate her 30th High School Class reunion in a couple of weeks.  That should help you guess how old this photograph is.

Also in the picture is Coleen, the bridesmaid, maid of honor, hair dresser, make up artist, fashion coordinator and “decider” of what shoes/sandals to wear.

Oh and that’s me, Daleen.  Wedding coordinator/ planner (in those days we had no name for it, they just called me Bossy), minister, time-keeper (I borrowed my Grandpa’s watch), organizer, lunch “decider”, keeper of the ring (we borrowed a ring from my Grandma, or used a pop tab ring).  I also decided what songs we would sing and when to break for lunch or supper.   (I also moon lighted as the minister for the nearly  daily hummingbird funerals that sadly died, running into the huge picture windows. )  I was very versatile.

My grandparents lived on the northern tip of Washington state right on the water.  We played, swam, rode bikes, walked on the beach, collected sea glass, built forts, ate ice cream (my grandmother cut ice cream, did not scoop it) all summer long.  However, when the dahlia and rose gardens came into full bloom, we KNEW it was wedding season.  While other sisters played “house” or “next door neighbor”, we played wedding.

This blog post is dedicated to my friend, Joanne.  She is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend and event/wedding planner.  If you visit her site, you too, will love how she answers the question, Why do you need a coordinator?  So you can enjoy yourself.   Made me smile.  www.katherine’

dahliasI happen to know the behind the scenes of those beautiful stunning weddings.  Sisters  aka “brides and brides maids” have melt downs and would rather jump rope than  practice for the “ceremony”.  Dogs don’t want to wear a crown of flowers.  Popsicles drip on “wedding gowns”. The minister can’t make everyone to be quiet.  Sometimes the “bride” needs a 30 minute nap.  There are uninvited “guests” bugs, mosquitoes, garden snakes and sometimes boy cousins.  Geesh, there is so much for the wedding planner to deal with.  I like to refer to it as “behind the scenes magic”.

Beautiful weddings and events don’t just happen, there is a ton of planning.  The bouquets for the lunch “reception” table.  Choosing the colors of the day.  We made the decision by what dahlias were in bloom that day.   Sometimes, we had to re-purpose the bridesmaid’s gown and use it for the tablecloth for our reception.  The mother of the wedding party, came out to check our table settings, to make sure they were proper and to serve lunch.  Of course, the minister said grace.  The bridesmaid toasted the bride with her glass of milk held high.  The bride got to take the first bite of lunch.dahlia  335+ years ago, tying the bouquet with string wasn’t in fashion, it is what we had.  We used little empty jelly jars for vases and our photographer (our grandpa), seems to have snapped only 3 or 4 pictures.  We played wedding five or six summers in a row.  In our family, daily weddings were not picture worthy.

I used to have a dahlia garden.  It made me smile.  I think it is time to plant one again.

Every single time, I receive a stunning summer bouquet of Dahlia’s from Mr. Right, it makes me smile and remember so many “weddings”.

Here’s to all the summer brides!   May you have blue skies and bridesmaids that are sweet and kind and charming.  May you find and cherish your Mr. Right.

…and to all those wedding planners………………………..I love that you are willing to be bossy to help everyone have a good time.

To my friend, I adore that you found your calling.  Every single bride that has the pleasure of working with you is so lucky to have found you.  Just by being who you are, you will make their world more fancy.

ps. After the ceremony and before we went swimming or bike riding, while the bride and bridesmaid neatly folded our wedding finery, the wedding planner had to gather all the cut flowers and bring them into the house for their Grandma.  Ah, the life of a wedding planner, yes, lots of behind the scene magic.

Hugs and Kisses to all wedding planners. May all your weddings be bug free, creepy boy cousin free and most importantly, Popsicle free!


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  1. Charming. I don’t remember playing wedding as a child, but I am looking forward to my son’s wedding next summer. I expect it will be simple and elegant, as his bride will be finishing her graduate degree out of town, mere weeks beforehand. And he will be …. we don’t know yet. A pilot, for the United States Air Force. But we don’t know where he will be. Planning… they have been planning for years, having gotten engaged going on four years ago, having started dating as seniors in high school eight years ago, having met in junior high twelve years ago. They chose the reception site specifically because the company can do much of that work for them. And yet they both know the most important thing is that they will be together, and there will be an officiant and witnesses, and they will be wed. There will still be much waiting and planning in their future. My greatest hope is that they will also learn, after much sacrifice and achievement, to live for now.

  2. Daleen, this is just beautiful and I am so honored that you would dedicate this to me! What a stunningly lovely post about weddings, brides and dahlias (I LOVE Dahlias!)! I can picture you and your friends and all those summer weddings, playing dress up and gathering flowers. I smile at the thought of “bossy”, but hey, that’s what us coordinators have to be 😉 ! xo Joanne

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