let me hold your crown, babe.

Who died and made you king of anything?

You are NOT me.

Who cares if we disagree?

Sara Bareilles has a song that swirled in my noggin all morning.  “King of Anything”  If you get a moment, check out you-tube and you can be bop and sing along with her enlightening tune. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPk4_XFYhjg

May I gently suggest you play it three or four times?  It reminds me to play nice.  It reminds me to offer hope and goodness to others.

My third year anniversary was Saturday.  Three years earlier, I was in a hospital getting a new knee.  I will admit to being vain.  No, not the scars, I was pretty much past the scars.  That was my fifth knee surgery, so although my knee works, it is pretty much a road map.  The sight of my scars caught one young intern off guard and he said rather loudly, AWESOME!  NOT what a girl wants to hear.

At one point, before the last surgery, honest alert…several times I was sobbing, because one (stupid) RN told me NO, I would never, ever where high heels again.

Stupid RN  must have missed the day in school where they teach about giving people HOPE?  He must have not been listening when they taught the lesson of encouragement and HEALING?   Just think, he could have cut out one picture of an amazing pair of high heels and handed tohope 2 me.  HOPE.    There, Stupid RN, there is your lesson.


Here, let me hold your crown, babe.  

Who died and made you king of anything?

20140802_125902Here is a picture of my feet on Saturday.  Oh, did I mention, earlier in the day, I biked FOUR miles, rebounded for 6 minutes?  Then I got all gussied up for a weddin’ and wore high heels for FOUR hours straight.

I ROCKED the high heels.

I earned it.

I worked very hard to wear those heels.  Everyday for three years, I have had health and healing goals.  I am on a mission.

The first year anniversary, I walked three miles around Green Lake. Last year, we went for a hike in the forest.  This year, I walked around in high heels.

I actually wanted to shout to every person I saw, LOOK AT ME !  I am walking in high heels.  Secretly, I was doing a little happy dance.    My balance is improving, daily.  Wearing high heels was a goal.  Saturday, I walked on carpet, on gravel, on pavement, on hardwood and on cement.  No one noticed.  That was the goal.  I looked just like any other fancy girl wearing high heels.

I am human.  I do admit to spending .01% of my energy on the previously mentioned Stupid RN.  Take that.  In your face.   I worked hard and I did it.  No thanks to you.  Wait a minute.  Maybe?  Maybe you were the motivation I needed?  Nope.  You get none of the credit.  ha,  I did it on my own.

Let me hold your crown, babe. 

Who died and made you king of anything? 

After I shared my high heel story with a friend, she sent me a message.  Note: never, ever listen to anyone who tries to define you.

I guess I never knew what that meant.  I guess I never gave it more than a moment’s thinking time.

A moment in time, my moment.  Her comment changed me.  My stomach did a flip-flop.  In a blink of an eye.  I get it.  The light bulb went off.    I finally get it.

I get to decide who I am.  I get to make the choice if I wear high heels or not.  I decide if the hours of work and exercise will be worth the moment.


I get to decide that I am a fancy girl who wears high heels.

I get to decide whether or not I live a full, healthy, happy life.  I don’t have to listen to what someone says about me.

I am a lucky girl to have someone in my corner who gently reminds me, this is my life and I get to choose.  I am thankful that she took a slipper to the side of my head and smacked me.  She wanted to wake me up.  Message received.  Happily, message received.  20140802_142259

No one gets to define what is right for me.

All my life, I’ve tried to make everyone happy while I just hurt & hide.

It’s my turn to decide.

Who died and made you king of anything? 

Let me hold your crown, babe. 



4 thoughts on “let me hold your crown, babe.

  1. You are ROCKING those heels! You look absolutely gorgeous. Radiant, even.
    But more than that, I’d like to say: thank you for your lesson in stick-to-it-iveness. Three years working toward a goal, and then carrying out that goal with such finesse? You are amazing. I applaud you.

  2. Your friend is right. No one can define us. It really used to bother me what people thought of me. Then someone told me “What others think of you is none of your business.”
    Wow, I was floored and adopted this as a mantra for awhile. If we are true to ourselves and not being mean to others, I say we can do want we want. There. I’m in your court Ms. Child. xo Joanne

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