what a mess

While doing a little health and wellness research this morning, I stumbled upon a really interesting quote.

Your Mess becomes your Message.
 I like it.  It is beginning to grow on me. 
I wonder.
I wonder if this is one of my lessons?
I am dipping my toes in.
I wonder if this is to be my focus?
Is this a suggestion for a  blog post?  Is this supposed to be the title of a theme or a book?
From day one, I never wanted to be the pink ribbon girl, fighting “the good fight”.   I didn’t want it to define me.  I didn’t want “it” to become my thing.
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”.
I was just thinking and wondering, if maybe
this is one of those moments.?
20140804_080916Maybe I should shake myself and wake up.   Just maybe I should stop, breathe and be a touch grateful for a mission.
I wonder, with a smile.  This might be my calling.
Maybe I am supposed to be honored to share health and goodness and well-being?
Maybe it’s my mission and it was there the whole time?  I was just a bit to stubborn to notice it.
We are in this together.   LOVE to hear your thoughts. 20140804_080931
Here’s to our health and wellness!

2 thoughts on “what a mess

  1. Carmen

    You just put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you!! It brings such joy to find one’s heartbeat. Then the rest of us can hear it beating…louder and louder. Such joy!!

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