BOM August

DSCN5147The journey continues.  I continue to glob trot through the world, with a different Block of the Month.

This month we travel to Paris, France.

Yes, I am one of the lucky girls who have indeed traveled to Paris.  I was the  person who held the map and shouted, “oh darn, you should have turned back there.”  I looked at that city map so long, I have it memorized, to this day.

Our trip to Paris, France was amazing, breath-taking, educational, lovely, inspiring and fun.  The city, not the quilt block.

I will say, this month was not my favorite pattern.  It is supposed to be colors that almost fade together in mystery.  Not to my liking, so a little switch a roo and I have something I can live with.

May I present the August Block of the Month. DSCN5144


6 thoughts on “BOM August

  1. Kathie

    When visiting beautiful Paris, yes I have had the honor, all that she has to offer is in the eye of the beholder.

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