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DSCN5152Pucker up, Oh la la, Lemon Tarts are one of Mr. Right’s favorites.   Lemon Curd that is creamy, dense and pale yellow.  Lemon curd so thick it lies on your tongue and tingles with little micro bits of surprisingly tart lemon rind. Then just when you think you can’t take any more tart, a lush sweetness washes over your being.

One of the things that happens when you change every part of your life, is the old favorite standbys/comfort foods/desserts take a hit.   Priorities become making really good meals that are of highest nutrition density.  Your mission becomes more focused on getting enough green juice, exercise, fresh air, circulation,  reading labels and figuring out a new life.

Life becomes less about what dessert to serve with what meal.

For over 30+ years one of the ways I told Mr. Right that I adore him was through food and desserts and more desserts.    So taking away all sorts of pies and cobblers and tarts and cookies has tied my hands a bit.  I have to get creative and inventive.  I am learning.

20140722_152739Hey, my blog and I get to decide what photographs make the cut .  I say, this shot of a very nice pair of jeans, makes the cut.  (sorry kids and all those who work with him)  My blog, my choice.  haha

When my boyfriend drives me to a new quilt shop (AND tells me to take my time, no rush), BEFORE he takes us out for an amazing Sushi dinner…………………………………… after my better half takes us for a Sunday drive and plans the trip to include a breathtaking view,DSCN5161 ……………………………………..because that man of mine makes the most mouth-watering, amazing waffles for Sunday morning breakfast……………….come on, every girl out there would want  to cook or bake something amazing just for him.

It is with a grateful heart that I found   The Savory Lotus has an amazing stock pile of wonderful and delicious recipes.  Yes, dairy free, gluten-free, sugar-free and here is the loveliest part………they taste amazing.  Dessert by Dessert, she is teaching me how to re-work recipes of old stand-bys, actually elevate them past my wildest expectations.

DSCN5157Oh la la, Lemon Tarts danced on the scene this weekend.  I topped mine with Raspberries.  I am trying with all my letters on the keyboard to describe just how “lick the dessert fork clean”, great these little beauties were.    The crust was light and had a savory touch to it.  The curd, oh, smack your grandma good, Lemon curd.  Really, that good.

Say Grace before you take these gems out of the refrigerator.  You will lose your train of though if you don’t.  Say Grace for the Pucker up, Oh la la Lemon Tart you are about to devour.  So good you will lick your finger and nab all the little tiny orts that are left in the pretty little fluted edge tart plates.

I say Grace every single day for the man in my life.  He makes me feel so lucky and loved.

It must be true.  He tells me he loves me 40 or 50 times a day. One starts to believe it after so many years.

Shiver up your spine kind of guy.

Butterflies and Lemon tart in your belly kind of boyfriend.

Yes, that good.




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